Leo Love

Leos have a nearly insatiable need to be loved and will seek approval from just about everyone (but especially those that they’ve opened their hearts to).

In the beginning… This is why Leo will play it cool and keep you at a distance. This sign is notorious for keeping it in the friend zone until they know for sure that you are up to par.

When things are going well… Once they know you’re the one, they will leave no doubt in your mind of their feelings. They’re exceptionally forward and quite self-assured—so they will not let you question, even for a second, where you stand with them. Ultimately, they want to know that on every level, you’re thinking of them. Thus, you may enjoy little personal freedom and privacy.

When things are on the rocks… They can forgive quite a lot, but they will make you pay for any indiscretions. Even if the lie is small and seemingly meaningless, they will use it as justification for getting even more up in your stuff.

Under all of this, Leos are unendingly loyal and will stay in relationships long past their expiration date.

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