Leo Love Compatibility

Aries: Leo and Aries are a match made in fire-laden heaven. Leo is giving and Aries will gladly take and be inspired to return serve. There will be no shortage of rule-breaking good times, and let’s not forget the hot and wild sex—since both of these signs have zero inhibitions when it comes to their sexual appetites.

Cancer: Cancers are also a great match for Leo. This watery sign will be good for tempering Leo’s flames while Leo’s strength and optimism will help draw the Crab out of its shell. However, this match may struggle is in the bedroom. Cancer can get a little too emotional when Leo wants it rough and tough.

Scorpio: Scorpios are another sign that Leo can get along famously with. Scorpio understands Leo’s passion while Leo will totally get Scorpio’s depth. Together, they can wax poetic on a bunch of topics they think they know everything about and will be mentally stimulated for hours.

Aquarius: Another sign that is good for Leo is Aquarius. Each is good at keeping things light-hearted, though Aquarians likely are far too emotionally detached for Leo to feel secure in the relationship. Each of these signs has large sexual appetites and tend to see sex as being better the freakier that it can get.

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