Leo Career Weaknesses

While this sign has plenty to offer in the ways of creativity and excitement, there are downsides to having a Leo in your office:

Jealous: Working with a Leo can be rather difficult given their stubbornness and jealousy. They don’t like to share the limelight with anyone else. This means that for each project coming down the line, they will try their hardest to get hands on it first in order to give themselves a leg up in climbing that ladder.

Individualistic: Leo simply is not a team player. They prefer to work alone; that way, anything that comes from the work done comes to them exclusively. They also prefer to work alone because they tend to see their ideas and suggestions as being top of the top.

Does Not Listen Well: Additionally, Leo does not do well with authority. This means they don’t do well with rules—or nine to five jobs.

Prideful: Leo’s pride also doesn’t fare well in the workplace. Unable to really take even the most compassionately and gently given criticism, they are very difficult to work with.

Self-Serving: Leo is also a sign that tends to view truth through the lens of what can get them what they want. They aren’t afraid to tell a few lies to get you to do what they want, which means: You’re never quite sure if you’re getting the truth with Leo.

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