Gemini Sex

Sex with a Gemini can be unexpected, in all the best ways! This sign is incredibly spontaneous, so don’t be surprised if a public hook up is in the cards with a Gemini. Whenever (and wherever) the mood strikes, it’s on!

This sign is all about flirting—something you’ll notice right away. And there’s probably no sign in the zodiac that is more likely to engage in some serious sexting! Because they are so creative, they craft fantasies and narratives in their head even before any clothes come off.

For Geminis, sex doesn’t have to be such a serious affair, but a way to connect and engage. They are no strangers to a casual hook up. Always true to their twin nature, they are comfortable having multiple partners (sometimes at the same time). They have a healthy and robust sexual appetite, whether they’re playing the field or in a committed relationship.

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