When Is Gemini Season?

Mutable sign Geminis are born between late May and late June, so the spring-leading-into-summer weather is just getting started during Gemini season. This airy sign likes to take advantage of the adventures the weather provides and excels at the fun and flirty vibe of summer dating.

As Taurus season retreats, we say goodbye to the Bull’s stubbornness and welcome a more easygoing, light energy. While time moved slowly during the Bull’s month, Gemini’s energy moves along at a faster pace, and we’re much more curious about life and living in its more spontaneous moments.

Gemini season reminds us to breathe! This air sign is ruled by fast-paced Mercury and is great at communicating, dispersing important information, meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and paying attention to pressing transportation issues.

Gemini’s hobbies tend to include reading and writing, so why not start a hot new novel or commit to writing in your journal on a daily basis? Technology and learning are two things that the Twins excel at as well, so this is a great time to download a language app or take an online class.

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