Gemini Numerology

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which has been associated with the number five in numerology. Five is an important number in numerology, as it represents balance and the path we must take to achieve it. Like the symbol of the Twins, the number five teaches us how to juggle multiple things in order to achieve equilibrium and peace. This is ultimately the struggle (and gift) of Gemini. If they go too far in one direction, their Twin side will pull them back to the center. Constantly feeling the weight of this counterbalance can be difficult, but mastering it is a lifelong practice that will lead you to strength and power.

In numerology, the number five is associated with freedom, change, and decision making—all major Gemini issues! Five pushes us to explore and teaches us to adapt to change.

This number is associated with childhood, as it’s fueled by the combination of optimism, enthusiasm, and juvenile thinking. Similarly, the significance of the number five influences Geminis to “role play” throughout their life in all types of relationships, jobs, and cities—to find one that they can ultimately call their own.

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