Gemini House

Gemini rules the third house of the zodiac. Mercury is also associated with this House, meaning it is also concerned with all things involving communication. The third house is deeply connected to intelligence and mental habits. Essentially, when we find ourselves in a new environment, our third house placement is responsible for how we assess the situation, relate to other people, process it in our minds, and relay that information to other people involved.

The third house is practical and realistic, keeping us engaged in what we need to do to thrive and be successful. We can see this influence represented in Gemini’s problem-solving skills and quick thinking. Fittingly, this is the House that governs early education through high school, forming the foundation of our learning and communication skills.

Tapping into the third house can help you understand the role of knowledge in your life: how you receive it, how you pass it along, and how important clear communication is to you.

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