How Will a Gemini Dump You?

As one of the most flighty and indecisive signs in the zodiac, Geminis have some serious experience when it comes to dumping someone. A Gemini probably has a robust list of exes, from casual flings to more serious affairs and everything in between.

A Gemini will dump you if they feel bored, unstimulated, or like you’re trying to keep them from living life to the fullest.

They are known for impulsive decisions and break ups are no different! It’s totally possible for a Gemini to end a relationship over a silly fight or bad day, but it’s also possible that their inability to make a decision will keep them stuck in an unhealthy relationship for longer than necessary.

While they may give you an explanation for the breakup, the frustrating thing about a Gemini break up conversation is that while they may be able to give you a satisfactory answer, they probably won’t be able to deal with your feelings or emotions.

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