Capricorn Personality

Capricorn is symbolized by the Goat, but not just any goat—the mystical Seagoat. A magical hybrid, the goat half can scale the highest mountain top under the most impossible condition, while the fish half can swim through any current with flexibility. It is a creature that can navigate both land and sea. The Seagoat is a perfect metaphor for Capricorn: adaptable, determined, and resourceful enough to use their natural ability and gifts to handle whatever life throws at them. They do not simply survive life, they thrive.

Ambitious, driven, and gifted with an abundance of patience and stamina, Capricorns have a list of things they wish to achieve in this life and will not stop until they reach the top. (And let’s be real, that might not even stop them.) Ruled by Saturn, one of the slowest moving planets, Capricorn is the natural at playing the long game. Unafraid of rolling up their sleeves, Capricorns are eager to build their dream life brick by brick. They have a plan and they are willing to wait for it.

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