When Is Cancer Season?

Cancer is a cardinal water sign and welcomes in the summer season. The first day of Cancer season is June 21, coinciding with the Summer Solstice. Summer is a great time for Cancer, as the daylight hours get longer, and we get more time to see our loved ones during vacations and long holiday weekends.

Our emotions intensify, as well, which can be a big transition as we say goodbye to relaxed, easygoing, and more emotionally aloof Gemini season. This is a time to trade in logic for passion. During Cancer season, it’s time to start feeling our emotions and to start making decisions based on where your heart leads you. (Ever heard of a Cancer’s strong sense of intuition?)

Cancer season also reminds us to reconnect with family and celebrate the milestones we’ve accomplished in the first half of the year. Cancers throw great parties, and it’s no coincidence that they rule the summer months, when most weddings take place. Cancers are deeply committed and loyal, making them ideal spouse or committed partners. Summer is the perfect time to give into a Cancer’s loving ways!

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