Cancer Rising

There’s always that one friend who acts as the “mom” in the group—the nurturing presence that always asks, “You okay?” when you’re feeling off. Cancer rising people possess a natural intuition that runs deep with those they love most. This won’t be apparent when you first meet one—in fact, it might be like pulling teeth to get a Cancer rising to open up. A lot of them struggle with a paralyzing shyness when meeting new people or in large social situations.

Typically, this isn’t a rising sign that will steal the spotlight—Cancer rising natives like to transition to a new environment or new person at their own, comfortable pace. Once a Cancer rising opens up, you’ll know it for two reasons: First: You’ve found the most loyal friend or lover, who would go to the ends of the earth for you. Secondly: You’ll experience their daily (and sometimes hourly) mood swings.

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