Cancer Personality

Going by first impressions, the Cancer personality type usually comes across as shy and reserved. Even if they’re introduced to someone by a mutual friend, a Cancer might still be suspicious of this new person until he or she gets to know them better. Once you’ve solidified your friendship with a Cancer, the real fun can begin. You’ll notice they enjoy an active social life. Cancers are great at throwing parties, and if you’re on the VIP list at one of their soirees, get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Cancers are collectors, and they especially love to collect items with sentimental value. Most Crabs have a box (or several) filled with cherished mementos. Many decorate their house with furniture and collectibles that have been handed down from past generations of their family. Browsing through a Cancer’s house can be like looking through a window into the past.

Cancers also love to be pampered and spoiled. They’re no strangers to makeovers, spa days, and weekend getaways. Because they’re a water sign, a Cancer’s all-time favorite vacation/dream getaway has to include H2O.

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