Cancer Moon

In astrology, the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon. This is a natural place for the moon to be, and with Cancer moon placements, we can actually find the ultimate mothers, or nurturing personalities. Empathy and nurturing come naturally to this water sign moon placement. It’s easy for Cancer moon placements to tap into their feelings—as well as the feelings of others.

This is a very sentimental and nostalgic sign that feels deeply and rarely forgets. Memories are an important fabric of their identity, and Cancer moon placements can actually have quite a vivid memory. Because of this deep attachment to the past, we can easily see hoarder tendencies here. That’s because this moon sign does not like to let go of anything. So, moving on is tough for this lunar placement, and that also applies to their relationships. They’ll cling to anything that was emotionally fulfilling or stimulating.

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