Cancer Career Strengths

Creative Problem Solver: Cancers can tackle routine projects in a traditional sense, but if given their choice, they like to think outside of the box. They are very good at hanging back and observing before making final decisions.

Highly Intuitive: When combined with their sensitivity and observational skills, this combo is hard to beat. Most Cancers find success and attract wealth because they are able to use this ability to conquer any career challenge that comes their way.

Goal-Oriented: Remember, Cancer is a cardinal sign, so while they’re content working quietly on their own, they also have a drive to take the initiative and get things done in a group setting. They can achieve high levels of success by setting concrete goals.

Loyal: Whether you work with a Cancer or for a Cancer, they’ve got your back. As an employee, Crabs tend to stick with one profession/employer as long as possible.

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