Aries House

Aries is ruled by the first house: the house of new beginnings, fresh starts, and new possibilities.

The first house is also the place that most associates with who we are, how we’re defined, and who we desire to become. It’s how we are perceived, how we look, and how these things play a central role in our successes. Hence, the traditional Aries desire to have and be the absolute best of the best.

Through the lens of the first house, we understand more about the common Aries tendency to be self-involved. Here, we can see that it’s less about being the crème de la crème, and more about prioritizing how this sign shows up in the world (though, Aries still enjoys being top dog, of course).

Ruled by this house, we can also see why this sign is obsessed with fitness—since body image is another topic that’s quite hot in this area of the chart.

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