Aquarius Worst Careers

A job involving structure, rigidity, and being cooped up in an office all day is a recipe for a very unhappy Aquarian. With that in mind, the worst career prospects for Aquarians include:

Banking: Aquarians are good with money and have a healthy sense of logic, but the rigid structure in the world of banking would wear on them quickly.

Human Resources: Aquarians are sociable people and good problem solvers, but a job in which they need to appeal to a common denominator wouldn’t make the best use of their unique perspectives.

Data Entry: Curious Aquarians need to be stimulated, and the rote mechanical functions of data entry would frustrate them.

Copywriter: Aquarians have a way with words, but a job that is focused on clearly explaining concepts with as little wit and flair as possible? Not a great fit for this sign.

Military: And here’s the most rigid career of them all! Regardless of the branch, a career in the military is something this sign should definitely avoid. Extreme adherence to rules, daily structure, reporting to a superior… all that sounds like an Aquarian’s worst nightmare!

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