When Is Aquarius Season?

Aquarius season is our chance to kick back and relax. Aquarians try to go with the flow. Everything about this air sign maintains a nice, gentle ease. During Aquarius season, we’ll want to keep it simple and peaceful, while learn all we can. If we encounter something that isn’t our strong suit, we want to understand it. If we find an opportunity to share our knowledge, we take it.

Aquarian season is the best time to get in touch with our squad. We might end up planning a party or getting our groove on. Aquarians see friends as family and many will maintain years-long friendships. During this season, you will feel inclined to draw your crew closer to you and show your appreciation for their friendship.

This is the season where we start addressing the impact things have on our community. Being one of the most community-centered signs, Aquarius will do everything they can to help their fellow people.

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