How Will an Aquarius Dump You?

When an Aquarius dumps you, expect a realistic conversation. In most cases, this sign doesn’t want to hurt you or rub salt in any wounds, so they won’t be engaging in name calling or cruelty. When they want out of a relationship, their goal is to move on with as little drama and fanfare as possible. There are a lot of things that can cause an Aquarius to want to dump you from feeling “chained” to not feeling challenged enough intellectually. If this happens, they’ll have trouble keeping the relationship a priority. Short-term relationships will be dispatched fairly easily, while more committed relationships will involve a more significant discussion.

It can be frustrating for more emotional signs to see cool Aquarian logic dominate a breakup conversation, leading them to wonder if their Aquarius ever really cared at all. However, it’s simply just not how this sign operates. They do have feelings, they just prefer to take a more thoughtful approach and keep a safe emotional distance.

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