Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarians will be best partnered with signs that stimulate them intellectually, share their passions and interests, and can appreciate a significant degree of independence and freedom. The best signs for an Aquarian to find love with are:

Gemini: This is an intellectual match, but both of these signs need that mental stimulation to feel engaged, happy, and satisfied. Gemini’s ability to listen and communicate will make Aquarians feel seen and understood, which can be a rare (and romantic) moment for a sign that often feels misunderstood. However, this relationship will wither if they don’t feel enough mental connection or challenge.

Sagittarius: As partners, fun-loving Sagittarian energy can help bring Aquarians out of their shell. This combination also works physically, with a great balance of thought and touch. Neither sign is particularly traditional, so they can feel free to communicate any relationship needs to each other without feeling judged. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius have a deep need for freedom, so it would be easy and comfortable for them to have their own space.

Libra: Libra is, traditionally, a less intellectual sign than Gemini or Sagittarius, but their role as the Scales can help Aquarius see other sides of an argument. This can help form a strong bond of trust and partnership. Aquarius can also help Libra solidify some of their views, making for a mutually nurturing dynamic. Libra is a born diplomat and can handle Aquarian stubbornness.

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