Aquarius Best Careers & Career Advice

The best job for an Aquarius is one that will allow them to feel like they’re making a difference. The best career prospects for Aquarians include:

Politics: If you look at any political protest, you’re more than likely to find a few Aquarians on the front line! Professional activism gives Aquarius the chance to flex their intellectual muscles, while the opportunity to do a deep dive on the issues satisfies their boundless inner curiosity.

Social Work: Similar to activism, social work also engages Aquarius’ need to give back and help others. Making a real, tangible difference in someone’s life will surely be satisfying to this sign.

Artist: Aquarius’ ability to see the world through a unique lens is one of their most distinctive qualities, and also defines what it means to be an artist. A career in the arts gives this sign not just the time and space to explore their unique ideas creatively, but also to share those ideas with others.

Video Game Developer: Aquarians are the most tech savvy sign, so they are especially comfortable in the digital realm! A career that combines utilizing technology and creating their own worlds would be an ideal choice.

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