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Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius. And with your ruling planet Jupiter in Pisces (December 28, 2021-May 10, 2022; October 27-December 20, 2022), it’s where you’ll be as well this year—if not always in body, then certainly in spirit.

Jupiter’s sextile with Uranus in Taurus (February 17) brings unexpected opportunities to see your family more often. While this may disrupt your regular activities a bit, it’s likely more of a pleasant surprise than an annoying imposition. 

Boundaries could become more of an issue around the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (April 12). But this aspect can also deepen your spiritual connection with ancestors and relatives on the other side.  

As Jupiter sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (May 3), you’ll have the resources to upgrade your living situation. Whether you’re moving somewhere bigger and better, or simply doing some home improvements, this could also inspire you to start welcoming more guests into your space. 

Still, as much as you’re enjoying all this domestic bliss, you’ll be ready to switch gears when Jupiter moves into Aries (May 10-October 27). While you’ll still be enjoying plenty of quality time with the fam, especially your kids or younger relatives, the activities are likely to get a lot more exciting. You might be going to amusement parks, sporting events, or concerts, or cheering the kids on in their athletic and artistic endeavors. 

At the same time, Sagittarius, don’t be afraid to do your own thing. If you’ve been eager to try a new hobby, play a new sport, or start a new creative project, Jupiter in Aries finally gives you your chance!

Just make sure you’re balancing all of this extra activity with rest, relaxation, and soothing self-care. With the North Node in Taurus, this is more than just pampering—it’s helping you evolve toward greater health and wholeness. At the same time, the Scorpio South Node will be bringing to light any habits of thought or behavior that undermine your mental and physical wellbeing. Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio (April 30, May 15, October 25, November 8) help you to release unhealthy habits and replace them with more wholesome ones.


Feeling extra spicy, Sagittarius? If so, thank Jupiter in Aries (May 10-October 27)! With your ruling planet in your house of romance, the energy you’re putting out this year is flirty, fun, and fiery. 

Even if you're on the shy side for your sign, you might be inspired to take more chances in love. After all, Jupiter encourages big and bold romantic gestures. Just make sure your love interests are equally enthusiastic, as it’s possible to come on a little too strong.

There’s always some risk in putting yourself out there. And with Chiron also in Aries, fears of rejection can be especially sensitive. Try not to take it too hard if you’re turned down, or if someone you’re seeing wants to take things slow. This year, Sagittarius, it’ll take a special kind of person to keep the pace with you!

If you’ve already met your match, Jupiter in Aries is great for getting active together. Competitive sports and games can be especially exciting—as long as you keep the competition fun, friendly, and flirtatious. 

This competitive streak could carry over into your conversations, sparking some heated debates and disagreements. Fortunately, with Mercury in Gemini (April 29-May 22, June 13-July 4), it should be relatively easy to work out your differences. The secret is keeping an open mind, and taking a genuine interest in each other’s perspectives. You might think you already know all there is to know about your lover. But trust us, Sagittarius—there’s always more to learn!

That said, once Mars moves into Gemini (August 20, 2022-March 25, 2023), you may be feeling restless and bored in your relationship. If you’re seeking more novelty and variety, honesty with your partner will be the best policy. (Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be brutally honest.) If you’re single, you might have more fun playing the field during this transit. So think twice before pairing up with anyone in particular. 

After all, Sagittarius, you’re wild at heart. And even if you’re happily taken in 2022, there will always be a part of you that can’t be tamed.


How to measure success, Sagittarius? For you, it’s fairly straightforward: supporting yourself (and your family) while contributing something useful to society. And of course, keeping your eyes on the prize when it comes to long-term financial goals. 

With Venus retrograde at the start of 2022, it’s time to take stock of how satisfied you are. If your current career/financial situation isn’t checking these basic boxes, consider what you can do to find more fulfillment. Once Venus goes direct in Capricorn (January 29-March 5), her conjunctions with Mars and Pluto (February 16, March 3) will empower you to make the desired changes.

True, Sagittarius, when it comes to work, you’re not always the biggest fan of change. But with Uranus in Taurus, disruptions to regular ways of doing business have basically become your new normal. And with two North Node eclipses in Taurus (solar April 30, lunar November 8), this year is likely to bring some even bigger surprises. Jobs, assignments, work spaces, and schedules are all subject to change at a moment’s notice. But as soon as one door closes for you, another opportunity could open up immediately. So don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown! 

After all, as Mercury makes two passes through Taurus (April 10-29, May 22-June 13), you’ll have plenty of time for learning new tricks. Adopting new technologies or time-management techniques could turn out to be a total game-changer for you. 

Mercury in Virgo (August 3-25, September 23-October 10) can be an especially productive time, as you gain clarity around career goals and identify specific steps that you can take toward achieving them. Just remember, Sagittarius, that integrity is everything. As Mercury trines Pluto once and Uranus three times, the universe will show clear support for your ambitions—as long as they’re aligned with your core values.

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