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Let the healing begin, Aries!

We all have wounds and scars. And with the fast and furious pace at which you like to live, you’ve probably picked up more than your share. But as Chiron transits your sign this year, you feel less of a need to define yourself by them. Your focus shifts from what you’ve survived, to helping yourself (and others) thrive.

Throughout the year, Chiron’s sextile with Saturn in Aquarius (exact February 9, June 23, and November 26) supports your healing journey by providing opportunities to work with groups. While you may see yourself as a “lone wolf,” this year you welcome the structure and discipline that the pack can provide. It doesn’t matter whether the purpose is professional, political, recreational, or religious—as long as it serves the greater good.

Your biggest challenges this year come whenever the inner planets (sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) make hard aspects to Chiron. From May through July, as they move through Cancer, this can manifest as conflicts and tensions at home or within your family. From mid-August through mid-October, with inner planets in your opposite sign of Libra, relationships can mirror your own stuff back to you in some uncomfortable ways. And by November and December, when they’re in Capricorn, the pressure to be productive at work may become counterproductive to your personal wellbeing.

Fortunately, though, it’s not all tough times ahead. When the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars move through your fellow fire signs and trine Chiron, you can bask in their easy warmth and glow. Their time in Leo (early July through early August) unlocks your creativity and supports reconnecting with your inner child. In Sagittarius (mid-October through the end of the year), they encourage adventure and exploration of all kinds.

Personal growth is a major focus this year, as eclipses in Sagittarius (lunar May 26, solar December 3) and Gemini (solar, June 10) help you to release your old assumptions and consider new possibilities. So keep an open mind, Aries, and learn all you can from the school of life!


It takes a special kind of person to keep up with you, Aries. And if you haven’t met your match yet, you may not be in such a hurry to find them this year.

With Venus in your sign from March 21-April 14, self-love and acceptance are what really turn you on.  Her conjunction with Chiron at the full moon in your opposite sign of Libra (March 28) helps you forgive and forget painful past relationship experiences, making it easier to attract the love you desire and deserve.

Venus’ sextiles with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (March 30, April 10) bring opportunities to connect through political or humanitarian causes—like volunteering or attending a protest march. If you’re already with someone, getting involved in a cause you both care about can bring you closer together.

Still, with Venus square Pluto in Capricorn at the Aries new moon on April 11, your relationship with yourself—and commitment to your own destiny—comes first. Anyone who wants to be with you must be willing to evolve along with you.

From mid-June to late-August, as the inner planets move through Leo, you’re happy just to enjoy some sexy summer fun. But with the Leo planets opposing Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius and squaring Uranus in Taurus, what feels good in the heat of the moment might conflict with your long-term plans. Avoid getting in too deep with anyone if you can’t envision a future together.

After all, Aries, with so much energy invested in personal growth and professional goals this year, there’s not much left for relationships—unless, of course, they’re really worth it!

As Mercury spends some extra time in Libra this year (August 29-November 5, retrograde September 26-October 18), relationships of all kinds are up for review. Pay extra attention to what comes up in conversations with dates or partners during this time—especially as it relates to future plans, personal goals, and political differences. With Mercury harmonizing with Jupiter in Aquarius three times and challenging Pluto in Capricorn three times, you’ll have plenty of chances to get the message.


Two steps forward, one step back: With expansive Jupiter and contractive Saturn traveling together in Aquarius for most of 2021, that’s how it often feels. And for you, Aries, this odd couple in your house of plans, projects, goals, and networking poses some unique career challenges.

Relying on luck alone won’t get you far. Then again, hard work won’t be enough on its own, either. This year, the secret to success is working hard so you’re prepared for whatever unexpected opportunities arise.

“Unexpected” is the keyword, as Jupiter and Saturn clash with Uranus in Taurus throughout the year (Jupiter-January 17; Saturn-February 17, June 14, December 23). Finances can be unpredictable, so it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to making and managing money. Income can be earned through unusual channels, but only if you’re open to trying something new. Think long and hard about which risks you can afford to take... and which ones you can’t afford not to.

After all, as Pluto continues his time in Capricorn, your career path is ever-evolving. Many of the goals that once inspired you have lost their motivational power. You’re looking to achieve something of more lasting value, something that serves a higher purpose.

There may not be a clear road map for you to follow, especially during Saturn retrograde (May 23-October 10). But if bosses and mentors aren’t giving the guidance you need, you’ll have to become your own boss. Hold yourself accountable for doing your due diligence.

Rewards may seem slow to materialize, with Jupiter also retrograde (June 20-October 17). But keep your eye on the prize, Aries! In August and September, when the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the sun) in Virgo trine both Pluto and Uranus, you’ll likely start seeing the fruits of your labors.

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