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How does your garden grow, Aquarius?

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your sign (December 21, 2020) planted the seeds of a new age. And in 2021, they’re coming to fruition. Still, growth rarely happens without a few growing pains. You’ve got to clear away a lot of “weeds” to cultivate the life you want.

Gardening is an apt metaphor for you, as your ruler Uranus put down roots in earthy, fertile Taurus. You’re putting down some roots of your own as well—but first, you might need to uproot yourself from certain situations. While we’re often encouraged to “bloom where we’re planted,” you have the right to plant yourself in whatever conditions are most nourishing for you.

Uranus is the bringer of radical change. And his squares with Jupiter (January 17) and Saturn (February 17, June 14, and December 23) can shake the very foundations of your emotional life. You’re challenged to relate to your home, family, and cultural heritage in radically different ways—not just for the sake of rebelling, but for the sake of maturity and growth.

Still, individuating from your background doesn’t have to mean burning bridges. With Chiron in Aries, words can wound in the heat of the moment. Fortunately, Saturn’s three sextiles with Chiron (February 9, June 23, November 26) can help you hold your tongue and rein in your reactions.

After all, Aquarius, you’ve matured a lot since Saturn first entered your sign. Some of the things that used to push your buttons just don’t seem to bother you as much anymore. You’re not so easily offended, and you can disagree without making it personal. Being able to pick your battles makes you a far more effective advocate, for yourself and for others.

Whether the issues are personal or political, communication is the key to finding common ground. And with Mercury spending extra time in air signs this year (Aquarius, January 8-March 15; Gemini, May 3-July 11; Libra, August 29-November 5), you have a keener-than-average interest in new information and ideas.

But no matter what others say, Aquarius, be sure to remain rooted in your own inner knowing.


A new relationship paradigm is evolving, Aquarius—and you’re on the cutting edge.

It’s all about loving and feeling complete within yourself. This way, if and when you choose to be with someone, it’s because you want to... not because you need to. As Venus transits your sign from February 1-25, meeting with Saturn and Jupiter, this is the kind of relationship you’re looking to build.

Still, some people just don’t get it. In their eyes, desiring more freedom and space makes you appear cold and unfeeling—which couldn’t be further from the truth! You may want different things than others do, but you deserve to love and be loved on your own terms.

As Venus in your sign clashes with Uranus and Mars in Taurus, you’re challenged to establish the arrangements that work best for you. Luckily, a Venus/Chiron sextile brings opportunities to communicate your heart’s desires in more direct and healing ways.

If you’ve been with someone—especially living together—for a long time, you may be reluctant to rock the boat. But if you’re ready for a change, chances are your partner is, too. And with the north node in Gemini, you shouldn’t resign yourself to staying in a rut.

After all, novelty and variety aren’t just for single people—they’re vital for keeping long-term love alive. So have some fun experimenting together, especially while Mercury is in Gemini (May 3-July 11).

This may include some PDA’s or grand romantic gestures. With the inner planets transiting your opposite sign of Leo between June 11-August 22, you can imagine yourself and your partner as the stars of your own Hollywood rom-com (or erotic thriller, if that’s what turns you on!). But more importantly, you just want to feel seen and appreciated for who you really are.

And like all of us, Aquarius, who you are is beautifully complex. Whatever your gender identity or orientation is, you have a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies to play with. As the divine lovers, Venus and Mars, rendezvous in Leo (July 13), you’re encouraged to embrace them both—and feel attracted to others who can do the same.


You don’t put too much stock in material things, Aquarius. You prefer to seek the spiritual rewards first in your career, and let the financial ones follow. And most of the time, this approach serves you well. While you may never be a billionaire, you have faith that the universe will always provide.

With Jupiter spending most of the year in your sign and part of it in your money house (Pisces, May 13-July 28), you’re ready to receive this abundance. But with Neptune also in Pisces, you may still have some mixed feelings about money. It doesn’t seem like something a “spiritual” person like you should care about—and the last thing you want to do is sell out.

In reality, though, there’s nothing particularly spiritual about denying life’s practical necessities. When your own material needs are comfortably met, you’re in a much better position to take care of others.

As Mars transits Cancer, your house of work (April 23-June 11), his trine with Neptune helps you put ideals into action. Protecting and defending the vulnerable in your workplace (whether they’re clients, patients, students, coworkers, or employees) is a true labor of love for you.

In June and July, the other inner planets will also move through Cancer, trining both Neptune and Jupiter. During this time, your workplace becomes a true “home away from home.”

Still, you may not consider this job your true calling. And as cozy as it is, if you’re feeling pulled to pursue a different career path, you’ll eventually have to leave the nest.

From September-November, the inner planets move through Scorpio, forming squares with Saturn and Jupiter in your sign, and oppositions with Uranus in Taurus. You’re challenged to own your ambitions, and step into the unknown if and when the opportunity arises.

You’ll always honor your roots, Aquarius. But don’t be afraid to spread your wings!

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