Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope

You’re a fixed water sign, which means you can be more resistant to change than others. However, this year has some intriguing twists and turns, and everyone knows you can’t resist a good mystery!

Mars, your powerful co-ruler along with Pluto, spends the entire second half of the year (from the end of June) in powerful Aries, the other sign it rules. You can gain a lot of positive momentum now because of the Ram’s unwillingness to quit. The exception to this will be the planet’s retrograde period from the second week of September to the middle of November, when you’ll want to spend some time examining your motivations for past actions.

Pluto is in steady Capricorn all year and goes retrograde for five months starting in late April, bringing some amazingly transformational possibilities. When Pluto is retrograde, you get to know yourself in a much more intimate way, as brutal as the truth may be. Going deep within your subconscious can uncover a lot of demons, Scorpio, but it’s better you know they’re there than to have them rise to the surface at inopportune times.

Giving and accepting advice continues to be on your friendship/family agenda as Saturn, the wise teacher of the universe, spends some retrograde time in Capricorn again in late fall. You give your opinions and advice easily to trusted friends and family members, but when it comes to receiving advice and taking other people’s opinions to heart, well, that isn’t as easy for you. Use Saturn’s introspective retrograde period to figure out what your limitations are in this area and how you can learn to change your ways.

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