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Taurus Horoscope Taurus Horoscope

The focus this week is on shifting attitudes about your money. This is especially true around investments such as your home, company-sponsored retirement plans, and the stock market. It's good to be open to new ideas.

June 1 has the sun in Gemini, in your house of money, having a firm discussion with Jupiter in Capricorn at the top of your chart. The conservative energy of Jupiter in Capricorn may feel overpowering today giving you a desire to get out of investments or change your positions. It's a good idea to talk to professionals or knowledgeable friends before making important decisions. On the positive side, there are some opportunities around student loans or education funding to look into today.

Venus in Gemini gets in a little dust-up with Mars in Pisces in your house of friendships on June 2. This is an aspect to turn up the music and dance like nobody's watching. If you have the opportunity to be social today, find some friends who are into self-expression and speaking their mind. A good time can be had by all. Maybe a dance party over Zoom?

June 3 has the sun, co-mingling with Venus in your house of self-worth. This is a strong financial day. For Taurus, the vibration of money harmonizes with a sense of deserving. When you feel worthy you can attract more money. Today's a good day to practice that energy through visualization, affirmations, or meditation. Starting a gratitude journal today helps also.

June 5 brings the lunar eclipse at 15° of Sagittarius to your house of resources from others. Promised help may not come through, at least with the timing you were expecting. It's going to take a little bit more effort and focus to get what you want (and deserve). This aspect can bring revolutionary ideas you can apply directly to assisting in removing the blocks standing between you and the resources you want.

The week comes to a close on June 6 with the sun continuing its journey in Gemini, in your house of finance, locking horns with Mars in Pisces in your house of the future. The sun has been traveling through this second house of yours for more than two weeks, shining its dazzling light on how you handle money and your attitudes about finances in general. This is a good day to work on budgets, go over accounts and set up a system for keeping track of your money. This is a high-energy day. And it's best used for something that's challenging.

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