Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope

Your finances come to the foreground this week. There are opportunities to make more money and to use it wisely. Look at paying down debts or putting some aside for long-term savings.

On June 1, the sun in Gemini, in your house of resources from others, challenges Jupiter in Capricorn in your area of thinking process. The key to using resources wisely is decision-making. This aspect today asks you to look at past financial decisions and give them an autopsy. Look at what went right and what went wrong. Consider the unvarnished truth. Improving your decision-making, even by a few percentage points, can make you wildly successful over time.

Venus in Gemini zeros in on Mars in Pisces in your area of love and romance. Your love of sensual adventure can come forth today. You may be affectionate and demonstrative. If you're looking for love, this is a good time to reach out to someone you're interested in and take the plunge. If you're already in a relationship, there can be a little bit of chasing each other around the sofa. This is a good aspect for fun.

June 3 has the sun continuing its journey in Gemini and bonding with Venus in the same sign. Today's a good day to be social, to phone up friends and see who you can connect with. The communication will be lively and sometimes loud. People reveal their secrets, something Scorpios love to hear. Today, you can express your affection for your friends and they will return the favor.

The lunar eclipse is June 5 at 15° of Sagittarius in your house of money. Eclipses bring change. This is something you may have been wanting for some time. You've been asking the Universe for a change of finances and now changes are happening with or without your control. It's really good to grab the helm and steer this boat in the direction you want to go. But recognize that no matter what changes happen over the next week or two regarding your finances, in just a few months you will be happy they occurred.

The week comes to an end on June 6 with the sun lighting up the sky and focusing its energy on Mars in Pisces in your house of risk-taking. Scorpio is a powerful sign and so it's not wise to live small. Consider a big action you can take, something bold and out-of-the-box. Today's a day to initiate action.

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