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This week is about friendships and the risks you take when you're about to fall in love. Love doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love. It can be that platonic state that brings about true friendship.

The energy begins on June 1 with the sun in Gemini, in your house of friendships, tethered to Jupiter sitting in your house of routines. This is a fortunate aspect when you use it. It's asking you to involve your friends in your daily life. That could be exercising with someone you know, checking in with a long-distance friend every week, or perhaps sending positive energy to a group of your friends through meditation. The challenge is you won't always receive recognition in return. But it's good to do it anyway.

Venus, in your house of money derived from career, conflicts with Mars in Pisces in your house of passive income. It's possible to turn an active source of income into something that is easier through the magic of automation. The startup of such a venture can take time and energy so it's good to focus on long-term goals. Today's a day to take your vision and begin the steps. Look at turning something you do on a small scale into a moneymaking machine for you and your family.

June 3 has the sun in Gemini glued together with Venus in the same sign. Today's a good day to express yourself through color, movement, or song. Dress to impress even if you're not leaving the house. Put the music on and dance. Sing karaoke-style to your family. Let the others join in for a memorable day.

June 5 brings the lunar eclipse at 15° of Sagittarius to your house of creativity and children. Eclipses bring change. As you let something go, new opportunities emerge. When it comes to your kids, changes in their lives can turn your world upside today. Older kids may be moving back home. Younger kids may be attending a camp, or virtual camp. Or perhaps it's you who wants to be a kid again.

The week comes to a close on June 6 with the sun continuing its journey in Gemini, activating intuitive Mars in Pisces. Communication comes through when you practice a spiritual modality. Look at automatic writing, mediumship, or start a dream journal. Reach out to friends and ask about what they've been envisioning. Compare what you all see for the future. Remarkable insights can occur.

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