What is Zalmay Khalilzad’s Personality Type?

You are constantly on the move, taking action without hesitation. You are guided by your passions and impulses, which are always emerging. You are not a good manager, because you are straightforward and impulsively take actions without considering the consequences. You are also impulsive, and this can lead you into blind alleys. However, because of your vigor and determination, you are able to overcome these difficulties. You are also prone to emotional outbursts, which can destabilize your life. You should be aware of these qualities and try to channel your energy in positive directions.

Due to the influence of Cancer rising, you are a dreamer, sensitive and sentimental, with a lively imagination. You are inclined to be passive. You are subject to restlessness and impatience which continually incite you to seek movement, novelty, and excitement. This security-freedom complex drives you to settle down to a routine. You are extremely attached to your family, your mother, your childhood, and your memories and will have some trouble cutting the psychological umbilical cord which links you to your roots. But you might also find the family atmosphere stifling. Regardless of the way in which you declare your independence, it will have a great impact on your destiny and will be the basis of many a reverie. In everyday life, you might not feel equipped to confront a struggle for survival. The truth is, you can draw on such valuable resources as tenacity, persistence, and loyalty.

Zalmay Khalilzad finds his work rewarding. Daily life and routine activities are excellent sources of self-fulfillment for him.

Zalmay Khalilzad is attracted by the here-and-now, by study, and writing. He has a special affinity for the people around him: siblings (or close friends), neighbors, etc.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Cancer (the Crab), while the sun was passing through the sign of Aries (the Ram). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your character profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension: Sensitivity – Individualism – Imagination – Vitality and passion – Eccentricity – Pugnacity – Savings and thrift – Impatience – Impetuosity – Obstinacy – Enterprise – Premonition – Innovation. Because of the conflicts inherent to your nature, you will be liable to display jagged, contradictory behavior patterns. They could be the source of both powerful inner disputes and certain problems in relation to others. If you remain unaware of their cause, you may feel guilty and depressed about them. However, after you have combated the extremes dwelling within (tenacity versus impulsiveness, sensitivity versus wariness), you should reach some inner balance and harmony. Your domineering but whimsical tendencies will be reined in, as well as the excesses of your imagination.

Born on the night of a gibbous moon, you are said to be a “soli-lunar” personality type. This configuration gives you a complex and rich personality, although you sometimes feel like you’re struggling to do something great. Indeed, a feeling that you are lacking something may occupy you until you find a meaningful cause to which you can devote yourself. Devotion will be important to you as a foundation for your inner and outer development. If you don’t encounter a great and noble cause to which you are committed, you could always find solace in the company of someone who intrigues you. Whatever you decide, it will be by serving others that you will come to understand and transform yourself.

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