Who is William Perry’s perfect match?

William Perry is attracted to you.

William Perry’s moon is located at 29° Leo. His ideal match is a partner with the sun at 20/30° Leo or AQUARIUS.

William Perry would be particularly well-matched to someone who mirrors his underlying psychic and unconscious aspirations. The secret ideal he cherishes of the perfect partner would be aroused; it would harmonize beautifully with his ideal imaginary lover. This great psychic compatibility is the result of a harmonious relationship between the Moon of the masculine chart and the sun of the feminine one. It is propitious to a rich flow of energies between the most hidden and secret parts of both people. They are linked by an unconscious emotional bond.

William Perry’s Venus is located at 15° SCORPIO. His ideal match is a partner with Mars at 9/21° SCORPIO or TAURUS.

William Perry thinks that this type of partner would complement him perfectly in emotional and sentimental terms. This person would reflect and fulfill his ideal of sensuality to the greatest degree. Moreover, his ideal partner would resonate lastingly with his own psychic projections of his ideal. This positive relationship between the unconscious sexual yearnings of both partners would be likely to yield sensual relations of a tantalizingly mysterious and secret nature.

William Perry is Passionate and Sensual.

William Perry’s Planet Mars is located at 24° Leo. His ideal match is a partner with Venus at 18/30° Leo or AQUARIUS.

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