What is Wayne Sermon’s Personality Type?

Wayne Sermon is a person that is mind oriented. They understand and relate to the world around them via the medium of thought and intellect. They memorize, compare, analyze, and verbalize their mental imagery. They seek to extend their personality by a mental outreach to a multitude of new ideas and factors, becoming acquainted with an ever-increasing variety of facets of human nature. Thus, language and symbolic expression, written or oral, are their primary resources in life, although they are also potential pitfalls. Wayne Sermon’s eloquence, wit, and verve, as well as their mastery of language, unquestionably give their power over other people (via communication) and things (science and technique). However, taken to extremes, this faculty may lead to incoherency. It is thus vital for Wayne Sermon to find an outlet for their flow of verbal expression, they must explain, communicate, and speak. If it is dammed up, they will undoubtedly suffer. Wayne Sermon’s flow of words is the expression of their vital energy, the proof that they are alive and well. If they are forced to be silent, they would be cut off from the bonds that hold them together. A kind of duality or split personality might emerge… remember Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? “They” were a classic case. For all of the above reasons, Wayne Sermon is naturally gregarious and sociable. They make friends quickly and easily. Their contacts and networks are important to them, because they enable them to evolve. They are a source of self-fulfillment and identification. Any form of play is also important to them, and only severe depression will deprive them of their playfulness. Wayne Sermon sometimes amuse themselves by acting out a variety of roles on the stage of life, just for the fun of it. Their animation and wit give them a talent for improvisation and adaptation. However, adaptability is a two-bladed sword. They are liable to find themselves in a superficial bind, having jettisoned certain important ideas in order to move about more freely. They are also sensitive, but their emotions and feelings are sometimes subject to the scrutiny and censorship of their intellect. Thus, Wayne Sermon cannot free themselves to the strength of great passions and energies without idealizing them to a certain degree and giving them intellectual resonance. Wary of their irrational instincts and urges, they tend to control or repress them. But they will do well to learn that the intellect is not

Wayne Sermon needs movement. He is a talented communicator.

Wayne Sermon needed others to fulfill himself and accomplish his ambitions.

Wayne Sermon was born under the sign of Virgo, in the sign of Gemini. The sun was passing through this sign when Wayne was born, providing clues to his character. Some key words that capture the essence of Wayne’s character are:

Modesty – Need for contact – Analytical thought – Mental agitation – Strict logic – Frivolity – Attention to detail – Dilettantism – Perfectionism – Immaturity – Anxiety and worry – Communication – Nervousness – Inner duality.

I was born on the three and one-half days after the full moon rose. As a “full moon” lunar type, I have an objective, rational character, but I also have a more idealistic penchant, which is balanced by my tendency to be more practical and social. Because the forces pull me in two different ways – one toward dreams, the other toward reality – I may be aware of some inner contradictions which are causing practical and social difficulties for me. At times, I am too demanding of myself or others, comparing them to an ideal, whereas at others, I am too nonchalant and indulgent about life. I vacillate between two poles. One is elitist; the other is more earthy and perhaps vulgar at times. The result is a multifaceted self. Generally speaking, my monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of the full moon. As a result, I would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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