What is Therese Rein’s Personality Type?

Therese Rein is a person who possesses a great potential for growth and wisdom. She is relatively slow-moving and may feel protected from the outer world by an armor of education, family surroundings, and social status. For this reason, she tends to limit the scope of her activities to a single well-defined sphere. She also has a tendency to be short tempered and easily offended, which is the result of her need for protection and security. Despite her sensitivity, she is not always gentle. Her outbursts of hostility are all the more wounding because of their rarity. However, more than aggressiveness, her stubbornness, slow insistence, and undying determination are the extremes which may complicate her life.

Therese Rein has a strong and forthright nature, with a propensity for being possessive, be it material, mental, or spiritual. Her own mind proceeds from a fairly skeptical, steadfast viewpoint, but she is curious about and critical of different ideas. Her biting wit could betray her in her ambition to make something great of herself by serving other people. Her spirit also gives her the potential to be a gifted investigator and diagnostician in any field. She is a keen strategist and has all the qualities needed to manage a group and lead it to some great accomplishment. Her other natural resources are her rigid and unilateral determination, her capacity for self-control, and the stubbornness and energy with which she faces obstacles.

Therese Rein finds her work rewarding. Daily life and routine activities are excellent sources of self-fulfillment for her.

Therese Rein enjoys friendship and membership in groups. These activities are important to her personal fulfillment.

Therese Rein

Therese Rein was born on the third day after the rising of the new moon. She is a “new moon” lunar type, which means that she has a subjective character and is somewhat impulsive and emotive. She bases her attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside her, and in human relationships she projects her imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, her judgements and reasoning are sometimes deprived of perspective. She may want to make an effort to refrain from overinterpreting other people’s actions, because her interpretations are mistaken most of the time. If she applies herself to listening more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. She will be happier and more effective as a result.

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