What kind of person is Rodrigo Cascon?

Rodrigo Cascon seeks to make his inner wealth outwardly manifest and substantial.

Rodrigo Cascon's tendency to introversion inclines him to live inside himself, amid his inner world. He is apt to listen to his subjectivity, his intuition, and his secret opinions rather than reason and logic.

Rodrigo Cascon regards family as deeply meaningful. He remains attached to his childhood memories and the associated feelings of nostalgia. Mentally, he is a seeker and a questioner who enjoys exploring the mysteries of life. Heritage, tradition, and the origins of his family and ancestry might become interests or even a profession. He is very conscious of the legacy he has received from his ancestors and is eager to continue passing it on.

Rodrigo Cascon stands out from the crowd. He lives life on his own terms and follows his own path. He is individualistic and independent, and he values relationships over things. He is passionate and enjoys giving, but is also aware of the admiration others have for him.

Rodrigo Cascon balances out the numerous contradictions and tensions in his astral theme, allowing him to have a stable and well-tempered character. These tensions protect him from frustrations and help him to achieve success in reality without much effort. However, he must be careful not to take on too many responsibilities. His confidence in his ability to accomplish things may make him spread himself too thin.

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