What does Paul Worsteling’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution:
– your defensive attitudes
– your fear of being dispossessed
– your ambivalence
– your radicalism
– your over-reliance on your instincts

Paul has a conflict between his desire for social and professional success and his need for a stable, secure domestic life. He is deeply committed to both ideas and does not always succeed in reconciling their schedules and demands on him. Sometimes it feels as though he will never be able to find a balance. However, no job promotion will really satisfy him if he has neglected his most intimate needs and desires. Although it sometimes seems easier to him to climb the rungs of the career ladder out there in the real world, if he merely sacrifices his domestic life, he is only trying to fool himself. He should accept the fact that his domestic life is the true basis and foundation of his development. All his career endeavors and success will be even more rewarding if they are supported by a safe, warm personal life.

Paul Worsteling has an effort to accumulate wealth and social power. Although he trusts his own talent for business, finance, and investments thoroughly, he is liable to make some errors in judgment. Because he identifies so strongly with his own individual habits and work routines and isn’t as keen to learn from others, he may waste his energy at times.

Paul has a need to change his direction in life. This turning point in his attitude may occur as he reaches the age of 30. In the first part of his life, he will have undergone a period of evolution and ripening, which is a vital part of the process of change characterized by a fairly constant inner awareness and reexamination of his inner feeling of insecurity. To prepare himself for the influx of new energy and free himself from negative attitudes, Paul must confront as consciously as possible the challenges related to his lack of inner structure or his need for an identity. This psychological work could lead to a total reorganization of his life under the best possible conditions.

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