What does Kevin Pereira’s psychology tell us about them?

Kevin Pereira tries to restrain and control his instincts, but they tend to get the best of him and he adopts a fairly ascetic lifestyle. His attitude denies the vital importance of the most archaic and darkest forces within him, which may not be entirely innocuous. If he hopes for a more harmonious development, he will do well to realize that instincts can be tamed; they do not react positively to being trampled.

Kevin Pereira is always on the move because he wants to learn as much as possible. He is curious about many things and takes care to learn about them all. He enjoys conversation and communication and hopes others will admire his intelligence and wit. Because of his wide variety of interests, he can sometimes have trouble with focus, but he makes up for it with his willingness to learn and explore.

Kevin Pereira has a sensitive nature. Although he may sometimes have trouble controlling his emotional reactions, they are nevertheless a source of vital energy for a constructive passion and may make an extremely positive contribution to his career. In relations with other people, Kevin Pereira is quite friendly; he willingly reaches out to people and knows how to listen to their desires and their problems.

You are emotional and tend to react suddenly and excessively as soon as your sensitivity is touched. Although you feel that your independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency are fundamental values, you are sometimes frustrated by your need to rely on your family or friends. Moreover, you do not always grant the freedom of other people the same respect as your own. Likewise, you are sometimes angered by expressions of maternal tenderness, as if you feared that it would doom you to eternal dependency. Your ambivalent behavior, full of jagged edges, may be traced back to the relationship you had with your mother or a mother figure. Although you were dependent on them, they may have rejected you. Now this attitude is extended to any situation in which your sensitivity comes into play and emotional bonds are liable to form. To ward off your feelings of dependency, you sometimes tend to become destructive. Based on denial, your reactions might be fierce, impulsive, excessive, erratic, or contradictory.

Kevin Pereira was sometimes afraid to love. The world of his feelings was characterized by a certain chill and restraint. But he was not unfeeling; on the contrary, his sensitivity was so delicate that he was careful to protect it. His determination to maintain control of his feelings and force his emotions to obey the laws of reason may stand in the way of intimacy and joy.

Kevin Pereira’s birth chart indicates that he has an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of his emotional urges and somewhat wary of his feelings, he tries to rid himself of all partiality and try to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Kevin Pereira is a mixture of cheerfulness and melancholy, of shallowness and depth. He protects his sensitivity with irony and is always trying to keep control of himself. It is difficult for him to yield entirely to love, because he fears the power of his emotions. He must have an atmosphere of merriment and movement in which to thrive; otherwise, he may feel stifled, in a relationship with a person who is too old or too dull and down-to-earth for him.

Kevin Pereira dreams of a beautiful partner who will sweep him off his feet and take him on exciting adventures. But in reality, he often finds himself with mundane partners who cannot offer him the stability or excitement he desires. In the end, he finds more fulfillment in his friendships.

Kevin Pereira considers the input from his subjectivity and emotions as fluid which he tries to tune out to go straight to the essence of knowledge. As a result, regardless of his field of study, he tries to obtain perspective. He will elaborate a thought on the basis of fairly warm, abstract logic, supported by passionate, concise, and immaculate reasoning. His choice areas of study could be mathematics, philosophy, legislation, or political science. Ideologies, theories, and any other system of reasoning could serve as “food for thought” for him.

Kevin Pereira tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

In relations with other people, your behavior is usually kind and benevolent. You exert a certain charm, speak persuasively and convincingly, and are adept at smoothing the asperities of what you have to say when it is necessary. This aspect of your personality is a great advantage to you socially; however, in situations where you must either compete or deal with direct conflict and hostility, you may be somewhat at a loss for how to behave. You have an undeniable gift for oratory which could be applied to a communications-related occupation or to artistic expression (as a stage or screen actor). Writing and dance, two other arts which associate expression and movement, might also be fields in which you would excel.

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