What kind of person is Kathryn McCormick?

The process of inner life for Kathryn McCormick involves involvement with others, which in turn generates positive and negative encounters.

Though Kathryn McCormick’s personal interests often mingle with those of her associates or those of the group to which she belongs, her motivations are based on a need to work in common with other people and to share life’s pleasures and pain. Her commitments to others are of paramount importance to her personal development, and if she wants to achieve inner equilibrium, she must behave in a way that benefits both herself and her associates.

Kathryn McCormick is attracted to interpersonal activities, but her significant need for inner security may stand in the way of her overtures to others. Since she is highly receptive to other people’s inner natures, she seeks tight bonds with them. She unconsciously needs their psychological support in her quest for herself. Were she to evaluate her psychological development, she would place more value upon human warmth, intimacy, and the need to share than on intellectual understanding or personal freedom of expression.

For Kathryn McCormick, family is deeply meaningful. She remains attached to her childhood and the memories associated with it. Mentally, she is a seeker and a questioner who enjoys solving the mysteries of life. Heritage, tradition, and the origins of her family and ancestry might become hobbies or even a profession. She will be very conscious of the legacy she has received from her forebears and is eager to enrich it.

Kathryn McCormick lives her life mainly on the emotional level; her behavior and attitudes toward life are the result of her need for security. However, this may take a toll on her intellectual and social faculties, and her optimism and faith in life may suffer. Endowed with great pragmatism and considerable strength of will, her life will easily stabilize. Because of her stolid personality, Kathryn takes few risks, rarely tends to visualize the future, and does not readily seek out other people.

Kathryn McCormick is aware of a lack of confidence in herself and in life. Prone to apathy, she may often be discouraged by the strains of living. This reluctance to accept the challenges of existence, which she may perceive as a major problem, may be the result of a self-image which is elusive or flawed. Perhaps, as a child, she was not given the means to develop an ideal image due to the lack of an appropriate role model or caregiver. As a result, she is unable to move herself toward an improved, more positive disposition. She may reject any challenge that would enable her to surpass her current self, or accept it only after long meditation. Steeped in the awareness of her problem, she may be tormented and wish to change. Vigorous physical exercise and an effort to visualize an admirable figure would be beneficial to her, as well as a diet that includes vitality-bolstering vitamins and protein.

Although you may not necessarily notice the fact about yourself because you are so strongly engaged in actions, feelings, or material concerns, you sometimes lack sound judgment. This impairment arises from a difficulty in obtaining perspective on yourself and your life. You may be puzzled by your troubled relations with others. You must make an effort to detach yourself from your personal reaction and observe it from an objective, more distant standpoint. If not, you are likely to find yourself under stress or pressure because you did not give enough prior thought to tactics and strategy. You may also experience dissatisfaction in your intimate relationships because you might struggle to get in sync with others. You give little time or respect to anyone you see as too “intellectual,” because you resist adapting to new ideas and viewpoints. In fact, an idea that rubs you the wrong way mentally and/or emotionally may elicit an explosive reaction. Self-analysis can be challenging for you and you tend to refuse to develop a solid, permanent idea of yourself – and this plays a lot of tricks on you.

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