What does Jed Elliott’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Jed Elliott is an individualistic person who sometimes struggles with relationships due to lack of self-confidence. Although he sometimes enjoys the competitive atmosphere of being in a group, he usually prefers to work on his own projects. Jed’s lack of self-esteem may also sometimes inhibit the full expression of his generosity and love.

Jed Elliott has great strength of character. Jed’s courage and endurance enable Jed to accomplish even extremely arduous tasks. Although Jed sometimes behaves impulsively, Jed generally knows how to plan out an effective strategy, and, as a result, Jed reaches Jed’s goals without meeting any major obstacles. Jed’s forcefulness gives Jed certain leadership skills, which Jed may implement to creative and constructive ends.

Jed Elliott has a profound and fertile inner life and a prolific imagination, but their energy resources are not always sufficient to follow through on and accomplish their multitude of dreams. They tend to live in osmosis with their environment, and effort and action take a heavy toll on them. Usually, they understand phenomena and events intuitively, without really making any effort; so they are not in the habit of disciplining or shaping their thought processes. Like their thoughts, their personality is rather amorphous and disorganized. As a result of this lack of structure, they may have some trouble asserting their individuality and making some personal contribution to society through their career. Their tendency to shut out reality and dream impossible dreams, like their refusal of responsibility and duty, may be a source of some difficulty for them.

Jed Elliott has an inalienable awareness of the void and the vanity of existence. Jed is sometimes disoriented and deconstructed by an unknowable, unconscious force and tends to ignore or disparage the superficial pleasures and pains of daily life, preferring to dive into the depths of human experience as deeply as Jed’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities permit. Grappling with Jed’s “fundamental nature,” with the deepest and most primitive part of Jed’s self, Jed is sometimes aghast at the discovery of the sheer power of Jed’s instincts and feels an imperious need to cope with them. This special consciousness Jed has been endowed with is somewhat beyond the bounds of conventional schools of human understanding and thought and may be a source of identity problems for Jed at the outset. It is not easy for Jed to recognize Jed in any social or narcissistic models, or identify with any existing roles or attitudes, so Jed sometimes finds Jed’s self forced to assert and express Jed’s own identity in a way which may strike Jed’s contemporaries as strangely intense if not eccentric.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Because Jed Elliott’s personality is ruled by his mind, he needs intellectual stimulation in order to feel fulfilled. He is always on the move, in search of new contacts. Curious about all sorts of different subjects, he takes care to inform himself about many things. He enjoys conversation and communication and hopes to be admired for his talent and wit. Due to Jed Elliott having such a wide variety of interests, however, he can be something of a dilettante, and his thinking may sometimes lack discipline.

Jed Elliott is emotional and tends to react suddenly and excessively as soon as their sensitivity is touched. Although Jed feels that their independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency are fundamental values, Jed is sometimes frustrated by their need to rely on their family or friends. Moreover, Jed does not always grant the freedom of other people the same respect as their own. Likewise, Jed is sometimes angered by expressions of maternal tenderness, as if Jed feared that it would doom them to eternal dependency. Jed’s ambivalent behavior, full of jagged edges, may be traced back to the relationship Jed had with their mother or a mother figure. Although Jed was dependent on them, they may have rejected Jed. Now this attitude is extended to any situation in which Jed’s sensitivity comes into play and emotional bonds are liable to form. To ward off Jed’s feelings of dependency, Jed sometimes tends to become destructive. Based on denial, Jed’s reactions might be fierce, impulsive, excessive, erratic, or contradictory.

Because Jed is sensitive and has an imagination that is hard to control, he sometimes has trouble knowing when he is dreaming and when he is awake. Although Jed’s imagination is helpful for creative or spiritual tasks, it does not always help him in situations where he needs to be responsible and self-sufficient. In a relationship, Jed is very romantic and does not always see the other person realistically.

Sensitivity and emotions are sometimes in conflict with Jed Elliott’s instincts. This inner discord makes Jed a fairly complicated relationship partner, and Jed’s behavior sometimes strikes others as mysterious or baffling. Jed is liable to switch from one attitude to the opposite. Sexuality is an important part of Jed’s life, and Jed’s relationships are most often motivated by Jed’s desires. Nevertheless, due to Jed’s unconscious inner battle, Jed does not often succeed in reconciling and fulfilling Jed’s emotional and sexual needs. Due to the strength of Jed’s instincts, passion may overwhelm Jed and drag Jed into situations Jed cannot always control, which intermingle erotic ecstasy and anguish, guilt, and aggressiveness.

Love and Sensuality:

Jed Elliott has a romantic nature and is seeking a soulmate. The world of his emotions is warm and inviting, the expression of true kindness. Tenderness, grace, and mildness rule his sensitivity, which is aroused by contact with nature and thrills to the idea of a secure, stable home.

Jed Elliott’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of his emotional urges and somewhat wary of his feelings, he tries to rid himself of all partiality and tries to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Jed Elliott has a contradictory character and cannot always reconcile his urges with reason. It is difficult for Jed to resist someone he likes, and he is liable to choose someone unsuitable, uncommitted, or fickle. Jed might find parenthood fulfilling, and it could bring him maturity. As Jed becomes more peaceful, realistic, and consistent, his family life will come to the forefront.

Jed Elliott is an innocent romantic who sometimes tends to live his life on the level of dreams rather than reality. He is fairly flexible in relation to feelings and emotions, and his character may change according to the tide of influences he receives. He may become dependent on the person he loves. Nurturing family could be one of his chief purposes in life.

Jed is hypersensitive and tends to relive the anxieties, apprehensions, and romantic absolutes of her first love relationships, which occurred around the ages of 13-14 years or 20-21 years. Jed is exquisitely sensitive, but almost completely barricaded behind a layer of aloofness. Jed will not settle for anything less than eternal commitment, total harmony, and absolute loyalty. Jed is sometimes presumed to be cold, even by those close to her. Jed usually hides her emotional reactions or does not even allow them to reach the level of her consciousness, in an effort to protect her sensitivity, which she sees as her weak point. Jed is fairly vulnerable, even in the intimacy of a stable and established relationship. Usually, Jed will disguise her strong feelings as a kind of possessiveness or even jealousy. Certain misfortunes may arouse a negative emotional state inside Jed, and Jed feels unworthy of the love which is lavished on her. This psychological prohibition which rules over all of Jed’s desires and affects should loosen with the passage of time; likewise, Jed’s fear of approaching the other will diminish. As a result, the second part of Jed’s romantic life will be more rewarding. In any case, if Jed wants to experience a harmonious love relationship and gratify herself emotionally, the defense mechanisms she has elaborated to make herself inaccessible to others will have to be dismantled. Any profound relationship will also require that Jed learn how to forget herself occasionally in the other.

Jed Elliott has an ardent and amorous character, and their relationships are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, they are often more in love with the idea of love than with a partner. As a result, their love life may be subject to some instability. They are generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate them. Their greatest contradictions surface when an intimate relationship is established. Although they merge their ego entirely into the couple, they are likely to demand a total autonomy and liberty which are inimical to intimacy. If their partner charms and captivates them long enough, there is some possibility that they will form a more solid bond with them; otherwise, they are likely to yield to their need for novelty and fall under the spell of an entirely different person who exerts a new kind of charm for them. Midlife may be a turning point for them from this point of view. Their contradictory attitude may in some ways hide a compulsion to reject and deny the bonds of dependency inherent to a love relationship. Their behavior enables them to remain aloof, to commit themselves only halfway without consciously admitting it to themselves, and to avoid feeling guilty if and when they lose interest. An insatiable appetite for novelty and exaltation sometimes keeps them from forming stable relationships.

Indeed, they are tormented by the struggle between their undeniable need for affection and an equally imperious desire for personal progress and emancipation. As a result of this inner turmoil, their romantic aspirations are usually sabotaged sooner or later by their conviction that their partner has become an obstacle to their individual progress. Because they think of love as a restraint, they may even eventually consciously refuse any emotional approach to love interests. As an ascetic, they will try to deflect the love function from its natural target and use the energy and bliss it generates for other purposes, the process psychologists call sublimation. However, they are also likely to meet “the one” who inspires them to initiate a change in their behavior.

Mental and Intellect:

Jed Elliott is an intuitive thinker. He does not reason things out through a long, articulate, logical discourse; instead, he seizes the visions or insights that spontaneously flash into his consciousness. He thus has a form of immediate knowledge of various phenomena which is based neither on reasoning nor on any elaborate thought process or method. As a result, if Jed Elliott is an extrovert, he will possess an inventive, innovative spirit gifted for improvisation. If Jed Elliott is an introvert, his mind will be an abundant source of personal inner truths.

Jed Elliott expresses their thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. They are fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, they look forward to a bright future but are sometimes subjective and reckless.

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