What kind of person is Gil Gerard?

Gil Gerard experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Gil Gerard's tendency to introversion inclines him to live inside himself, amid his inner world. He is apt to listen to his subjectivity, his intuition, and his secret opinions rather than reason and logic.

Gil Gerard is attracted to interpersonal activities, but his need for inner security inhibits his overtures to others. He unconsciously seeks tight bonds with others in order to gain their psychological support in his quest for himself.

Gil Gerard has a dynamic, mind-oriented personality. His attitudes in life are spontaneous and direct; usually, they enhance his personal aura. A fiery idealist, he has a tendency to approach life a bit too idealistically. He may go from disillusionment to disillusionment without ever reflecting on his ways. Once he investigates his deeper needs and the limitations imposed by reality, he can achieve true stability after much work.

Gil Gerard struggles to get into natural harmony with the physical world and the limitations and restraints it places upon him. Idealistic, he tends to be somewhat disconnected from practical considerations, and barely pays any attention to material things like food, money, his surroundings, and so on. He tends to be footloose and fancy-free, oblivious to the necessities of survival in the physical world, until his lack of material resources – an issue to which he usually grants no importance – becomes an emergency. This feeling of being out of touch with material things and the physical dimension of reality may sometimes lead him to see himself as unfit for this world. He may think he cannot attach himself to anything that would sustain his efforts at self-expression. However, his impractical nature offers many positive aspects. He sees life's possibilities as limitless. He is apt to develop his imagination or pursue a spiritual quest in order to transcend the material world.

Gil Gerard works hard to understand the feelings of others. However, he finds it difficult to empathize and understand his own emotions. He sees the emotional world as a foreign territory, full of hidden dangers. Becoming familiar with it would present more drawbacks than advantages. As a result, he may appear insensitive or aloof to others. He may struggle to establish a rewarding relationship, as he seeks special individuals to bond with. If he were able to accept and understand his own emotions, he would have an easier time grappling with the feelings of others. Gil Gerard has a strong desire for emotional independence and might have trouble seeing the emotional needs of others. He might even be the first to deny that those needs are real. As a result, his dependency on others is unconscious. Because it is seen as a threat, it is repressed. In fact, although Gil Gerard offers conscious resistance to anyone who tries to lure him out of his emotional bubble, he is always making timid, half-conscious forays into the world of feelings, because his loneliness and fear are so unbearable.

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