What is Edouard Michut’s Personality Type?

Edouard Michut is a talented syncretist, able to see the link between heterogeneous and diverse elements which do not appear to be related in the least. He is also able to bring about surprising reconciliation, create unexpected bonds, combine beliefs which seem mutually incompatible. His imaginative powers also flow from the division in his psyche and are evidenced by inspirations, visions, and abilities which exceed the context of logic and reasoning. He allows himself to be guided by irrational phenomena like foreshadowing or premonitions, which well up from the depths of his being. He is more of a medium than an intuitive, because intuition requires a clear consciousness of reality. He is borne along by currents and tides of knowledge and lives in symbiosis with forces which overwhelm him. In fact, it is because of this relative passivity that he is more or less a medium, because he wishes merely to perceive what surrounds him; he has no wish to impose his will. Although this attitude endows him with great potential for productivity, it may also become dangerous, if he finds himself overpowered by forces he can never totally control. He tends to perceive things as undifferentiated; he does not always see the world as an organized, structured, hierarchical entity. Instead, he is sensitive to energy flows, to invisible forces which he perceives and tries to interpret. His consciousness knows no bounds, and he does not feel confined by either space or time. But the image of the infinite imprinted on his imagination has a tendency to manifest itself with a lack of definition, in most of his thoughts and acts. In relation to other people, he usually demonstrates warmth and humanism. He is a fairly pleasant companion, although his sensitivity can be annoying at times. He tends to identify with his friends to a great degree, instead of remaining apart and empathetic. In fact, he is capable of losing himself in another person at times. He should take time to reflect upon the quality of what he bestows on others and on whom he bestows it. He would doubtless come to the conclusion that his devotion is motivated by guilt feelings; his giving is a way of escaping from himself, and his broad tolerance sometimes merely hides a weak character. His basic aptitude for compassion could inspire him to relieve human misery, either privately or professionally. Hospital or prison work would not frighten him, because he understands them as closed environments which are open in terms of the inner adventures and journeys they house. Inner adventures are one thing he understands. In his ideal, he feels

Due to the influence of Gemini rising, Edouard Michut has an essentially intellectual personality. He has an avid and curious mind which automatically collects, classifies, and analyzes knowledge. Lively and resourceful, he is gifted for communication, either oral or written. He has an insatiable appetite for novelty and change; he is always restless, finding the slightest hint of stasis or routine extremely boring. Extremely independent, he rejects convention and tradition and is, by nature, a non-conformist. Other people appreciate his ability to think independently, and they listen to his innovative and creative opinions. As for his emotional and social involvement, he might adore dependency. He is best matched with Sagittarius; they are likely to help him achieve some stability by channeling his wide-ranging curiosity into more people-oriented values and pursuits.

Edouard Michut feels quite at home in the modern world others find frightening. He wants to wield power and enjoy social prestige.

Edouard Michut tended to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interested him more than what was right at hand and realistic.

Edouard Michut was born under the sign of Gemini, the Twins, and the sun was passing through the sign of Pisces, the Fish. He inherited some of the characteristics mentioned in his personality profile, including hypersensitivity, mental agitation, and pliancy. He is also prone to being frivolous and humble, and has a great deal of idealism and communication. However, he also has a premonition that he will find benefit from his abilities to adapt and assimilate.

Edouard Michut was born on the third day after the new moon, a “new moon” lunar type. This configuration gives him a subjective character, somewhat impulsive and sometimes emotive. Generally, he does not see the world in objective terms; instead, he bases his attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside him. Likewise, in human relationships, he tends to project his imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, his judgements and reasoning are sometimes deprived of perspective. He may want to make an effort to refrain from overinterpreting other people’s actions, because, being the product of his imagination in most cases, his interpretations are mistaken. If he applies himself to listening more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. He will be happier and more effective as a result.

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