What kind of person is Buba Corelli?

Buba Corelli's psyche follows an introverted flow. She knows herself and attempts to develop her inner resources to their maximum potential.

Buba Corelli tends to be reluctant to team up with other people. Because he is an individualist, he attempts to free himself from any outside influence and create his own personal imprint on the world. Often, due to his lack of perspective, he rebuffs the help and cooperation of others on projects. It is only by working independently and acting on his own goals and ambitions that he can accomplish them.

Buba Corelli, although contributing to important social causes or collective ideals, tends to keep her individual identity intact. For this reason, although she may become personally involved in social affairs, she is likely to resist any project she will be unable to lead herself, according to her own individual direction. She tends to identify herself with an activity with social implications and attempt to know herself through this activity.

Buba Corelli lives in a world which is in continual contact with her dreams and subconscious. She cannot live without love, and, like water which flows into and takes on the shape of the vessel which contains it, she is always ready to submerge herself in another person. Stirred by forces she does not control, she may be aroused by passions which are impervious to the restraints of reason and logic. She is an emotive creature in harmony with the flow of her feelings, impulses, and urges.

Corelli thrives on the many contradictions and tensions which are a recurrent feature of his astral theme. They balance each other out and endow him with a stable, well-tempered character, which is especially likely to protect him from frustrations and, in terms of reality, will enable him to acquire a certain social and professional success without too much effort on his part. At that point, he must be careful not to take on too many responsibilities. His confidence in his ability to accomplish things may make him spread himself too thin.

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