What is Buba Corelli’s Personality Type?

You try to live by a code of behavior that you have developed over time. This code is based on your ideals, which you strive to preserve. You are determined to live in this world and remain true to yourself, no matter what the cost. You are preoccupied by the dilemma of whether or not you can successfully maintain your integrity while living in this world. You have developed a solution to this problem- you adhere to a fairly strict code of behavior and try to obey it as much as possible. The path that you walk in life is straight and narrow, and you yearn for a life that reflects your ideals. You are offended by imperfection and try to find ways to correct it. You are eager to help others, but you sometimes do not know whom or what you are helping. Whatever purpose you adopt, you must learn to help without surrendering yourself entirely. You are sometimes attracted by readymade systems, which soothe a certain anxiety you have. However, you sometimes forget to rebel a bit- to evaluate whether the end justifies the means. You are reassured by predictability. When you commit yourself, you want to know exactly where you are bound and how. This may be a bit of an obstacle to your love life. You tend to keep a tight rein on your urges, but you would do well to learn to let your emotions flow. Powerful passions and sentiments may overwhelm you, because you tend to prefer reason, moderation, and reality. But your tendency to be so cautious, so analytical and intellectual, carries its own risk- that you will never dare to live life to the fullest.

Buba Corelli thrives in the peace and security of the nest. Her spouse and family will be an important part of her life.

Buba Corelli's psychological, metaphysical, or occult interests are signs of her need to transform or change herself, which might arouse some apprehension in her.

Buba Corelli was born under the sign of Sagittarius (the Archer), while the sun was passing through the sign of Virgo (the Virgin). She has a personality that is a complex blend of opposing tendencies and contradictory drives. As a result, she is torn between her idealistic nature and sense of reality, trying to accomplish great ambitions, but at times undermined by a doubt in her abilities. Depending on the quality of her surroundings, she may either allow insecurities to submerge her, or, on the contrary, become excited about a plan that would boost her self-esteem – in which case she would make wonderful progress. Her intelligence is gifted with an inventive and industrious mind which is primed to understand and adapt, but her thinking lacks some continuity, and, as a result, so do her actions. She will want to be aware of any monopolistic tendencies on the part of her intellect, and, conversely, any efforts by her associates to interfere with her lifestyle.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, you are of the “last quarter” lunar type. As a result, your personality is fairly independent and self-sufficient. Your ideas are original and often bold, but, to your dismay, do not often garner a majority of followers. Your sense of humor is your best communications tool, but you often switch to a more severe tone which breaks your charm over your audience, and your methods do not always please the masses. Your lack of flexibility hinders your strategies and projects, and you would gain by developing your sense of diplomacy and tact. Although you are not unduly attached to success, because you are so used to being ahead of your time, your failures take a psychological toll on you. Because each setback wears you down a little more, you should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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