What kind of person is Bryson Stott?

Bryson Stott's psyche follows an introverted flow. He knows himself and attempts to develop his inner resources to their maximum potential.

Bryson Stott is a reluctant individualist who tries to free himself from outside influence. He is often reluctant to team up with others, and instead attempts to work and act independently. He achieves his goals and ambitions through hard work and independence.

Bryson Stott stands apart from the crowd, as he prefers to stay anonymous. He is an individual who values his own independence and unique perspective, and as a result, does not shy away from taking on social causes. However, he is not content with simply following the crowd, and desires to have a hand in shaping the direction of these affairs himself.

Bryson Stott is self-focused. Individualistic, and independent, and he finds he is rarely of the same opinion as others. He may tend to isolate himself from the outer world. On the other hand, he is gifted with the ability to concentrate on whatever subject is really important to him, which would enable him to acquire expertise in any professional domain he chose. But first he would have to overcome his initial subjectivity.

Bryson Stott has a dynamic personality. His attitudes in life are spontaneous and direct; usually, they enhance his personal aura. A fiery idealist, he has a tendency to approach life a bit too idealistically. He may go from disillusionment to disillusionment without ever reflecting on his ways. Once he investigates his deeper needs and the limitations imposed by reality, he can achieve true stability after much work.

Bryson Stott struggles to find a way to get into harmony with the physical world and its limitations. He is disconnected from practical considerations and barely pays attention to material things like food, money, and his surroundings. He is footloose and fancy-free, oblivious to the necessities of survival in the physical world, until his lack of material resources becomes an emergency. This feeling of being out of touch with material things and the physical dimension of reality may sometimes lead him to see himself as unfit for this world. He may think he cannot attach himself to anything that would sustain his efforts at self-expression. However, his impractical nature offers many positive aspects. He sees life's possibilities as limitless. He is apt to develop his imagination or pursue a spiritual quest to transcend the material world.

You struggle to understand other people's feelings. You find the emotional world difficult to navigate, and it seems fraught with hidden dangers. You don't understand your own emotions, and often find it difficult to establish positive relationships with others. You are reluctant to give into your emotional needs, and may be the first to deny that they exist. This results in your dependency on others being unconscious.

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