What kind of person is Brynjar Leifsson?

Brynjar Leifsson's psyche follows an extroverted thrust. He attempts to embody and actualize his ideas and the archetypes he identifies with in his objective life.

Brynjar Leifsson tries to avoid contact with others because he is afraid that he will get too attached and then be unable to let go when it is time to move on. He is an individualist and does not want to be influenced by anyone else. He does not believe that teaming up with other people is necessary for success. He is happy to work independently and leave his personal mark on the world.

Brynjar Leifsson tries to free himself from outer restraints and limitations. He is psychologically self-centered and remains fairly detached from the social world. He reduces such commitments to the strict minimum. Individualistic and egocentric, he derives his feelings of inner security from his ability to command his will and handle his personal involvements freely and openly.

Brynjar Leifsson was ambitious and intelligent. His ideas and aspirations were grandiose, and he was eager to share them with others. Although he was kind-hearted, he enjoyed being in control of situations. He derived great fulfillment from the role of the protector and surrounded himself with people who needed him. He was eager to obtain recognition and honor, but extremely fearful of disgrace. His visions derived from his ambitions, often aglow with idealism. However, they may be somewhat unrealistic and impractical.

Brynjar Leifsson approaches life pragmatically. He bases his judgements on past experience, and is prone to skepticism. A hard worker, he takes pride in his own endeavors and has a personal concept of his productivity. His possessions help him assert himself as an individual and act as an antidote to any feelings of insecurity. As a result, material accomplishments may preoccupy him more than either love as a passion or intellectual or philosophical considerations. Nevertheless, he becomes attached to anything which offers him certainty.

You are aware of a lack of confidence in yourself and in life. Prone to apathy, you may often be discouraged by the strains of living. This reluctance to accept the challenges of existence, which you may perceive as a major problem, may be the result of a distorted self-image, stemming from a lack of role models or caregivers when you were young. Unable to develop an ideal image, you may reject any challenge that would enable you to surpass your current self. Steeped in the awareness of your problem, you may be tormented and wish to change. Vigorous physical exercise and visualization of an admirable figure would be beneficial to you, as well as a diet that includes vitamins and proteins that support vitality.

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