What is Bryce Petty’s Personality Type?

Bryce Petty is a person who is oriented towards their thoughts and intellect. They enjoy memorization, analysis, and verbalizing their thoughts and imagery. They are naturally gregarious and sociable and make friends easily. They are contact and network oriented and find joy in playing any role. Bryce is susceptible to instability, wishy-washiness, and a lack of determination and coherence in their thought.

Due to the influence of Leo rising, you seem to be more confident in yourself. You have a taste for luxury and enjoy showing off in society; obviously, you see a grandiose destiny for yourself. You are an eloquent speaker and know how to inspire the trust of your audience. Although the people you know find you entertaining, energetic, good-humored, and good at organizing things, they might be critical of your pride and vanity. Endowed with ambition and generosity, authority and magnanimity, you enjoy the role of the benevolent leader for the opportunity it gives you to display your righteousness and the nobility of your ideals. The truth is, due to deep-rooted insecurities, you might be driven to seek the approval and confirmation of your personal worth in the eyes of those around you. Time, maturity, and experience (the school of hard knocks!) will structure your personality and restore your confidence in your true purpose in life. You will do well to learn that the only true source of self-esteem lies in your real creations and accomplishments.

Bryce Petty needs movement. He is a talented communicator.

Bryce Petty needs others to fulfill himself and accomplish his ambitions.

At birth, Bryce Petty's rising sign was located in Leo (the Lion), while the sun was passing through the sign of Gemini (the Twins). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide Bryce's personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of Bryce's character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Need for contact – Determination – Mental agitation – Pride and self-assurance – Frivolity – Superiority – Dilettantism – Brilliance – Generosity – Communication – Positivism – Inner duality.

Bryce is brimming with ideas! There is nothing he is totally disinterested in, and he is always busy meeting new people and learning things. Despite a difficulty in settling down and making a career choice, Bryce can be trusted to make wise decisions and take initiative. He also has a tendency to prefer receiving affection to giving it, and his emotional life usually remains in the background. Bryce is fascinated by visual effects and liable to be dazzled by appearances, so he must be careful to distinguish form from content, and learn to see through the exterior to the more inner, real qualities.

Bryce Petty was born on the day after the full moon, which is said to be a “lunar type.” This makes him characterised by objective and rational tendencies, as well as a more idealistic side. However, because the moon is opposite the sun at the time of the full moon, Bryce's tendencies are balanced by a more earthy character. Because Petty's character is pulled in two different directions – one toward dreams, the other toward reality – he may experience some inner contradictions which are causing practical and social difficulties for him. At times, Bryce is too demanding of himself or others, while at others he is too nonchalant and indulgent. Petty vacillates between two poles, one being elitist and the other being more earthy. Generally speaking, Petty's monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of the full moon. He would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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