What is Bryant Jennings’s Personality Type?

You are a very observant person, always looking for the special qualities in people and situations. You have a strong intuition based on your open-mindedness to the other. This makes you able to understand things quickly, even if you don't know the details. You have a strong sense of the group, and would rather go against your own interests than hurt someone else's feelings. However, your opportunism and disloyalty are sometimes superficial traits. The real reason for your behavior is psychological, stemming from your desire to be part of a harmonious group. However, you can be contradictory and unreliable when you face certain superficial decisions. You also have a chameleon-like ability to blend in with situations and moods, making you quite successful in social settings. However, you sometimes feel lost and bewildered when you don't have the perfect group or situation. This is why you attach great importance to other people's opinions of you. You also enjoy love and appreciation, and are touched by praise as much as you are upset by criticism. You have a vital need for others and loathe solitude. Emotional functions are central to your psyche, and the encounter with a kindred spirit can be a turning point in your life. Because you are aware of this, you are usually quite successful with your love interests. Since you are not aggressive by nature, you know how to make peace. You are skilled at charming and conversing amicably, implying without actually stating anything.

Bryant Jennings has high social aspirations. He believes that by gaining total control of his intellect, feelings, and instincts, he can achieve them.

Bryant Jennings has a strong personality; he is sometimes a little self-centered. His fate is in his own hands!

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Sagittarius (the Archer), while the sun was passing through the sign of Libra (the Scales). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your character profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Sociability – Enthusiasm – Adaptability – Group spirit – Emotionality – Impressionability – Tolerance – Analytical mind – Peaceful disposition – Worldly concerns – Sense of harmony – Projection – Worldliness.

Deeply social and liberal-minded, you have a great sense of diplomacy and a gift for reconciling differing viewpoints. Friendly and willing to be of service, you are unable to refuse an appeal for help, and your courtesy can tend toward a certain sentimentalism. As a result, you commit yourself to too many people at the same time, and may sometimes feel spread too thin.

As an artist or student of art, you have a profound sense of beauty (harmony, rhythm, composition, associations and juxtapositions, etc.). You like your independence, but will nevertheless bow to custom and usage in good grace. Your sense of fairness and justice is keen, and you spontaneously take up the cause of the defenseless.

Born on the third day after the new moon, you are said to be a “new moon” personality type. This configuration gives you a subjective character, somewhat impulsive and sometimes emotive. Generally, you do not see the world in objective terms; instead, you base your attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside you. Likewise, in human relationships, you tend to project your imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, your judgements and reasoning are sometimes deprived of perspective. You may want to make an effort to refrain from overinterpreting other people's actions, because, being the product of your imagination in most cases, your interpretations are mistaken. If you apply yourself to listening more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. You'll be happier and more effective as a result.

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