What does Bryana Holly’s psychology tell us about them?

Bryana Holly is fairly individualistic and prefers to work on her own projects independently. Although she sometimes mingle with groups for their competitive atmosphere, she will rarely join in them wholeheartedly, preferring to work on her own projects independently. A lack of confidence in herself may sometimes create challenges in relationships. Her lack of self-esteem may also sometimes inhibit the full expression of her generosity and love.

Bryana Holly has a paternal complex. This complex is caused by the fact that Bryana Holly didn't have a father or father figure during her childhood. Without a father, Bryana Holly lacked the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. As a result, Bryana Holly was forced to protect herself against negative influences and find her own system in order to grow and feel secure. Although this system was quite useful to Bryana Holly as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with Bryana Holly's evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber Bryana Holly's mind or inhibit her developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for Bryana Holly to assert herself, and she tends to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because Bryana Holly's authoritarian urges are mainly directed at herself rather than others, she sometimes feels guilty about her behavior. Bryana Holly judges herself severely, and sometimes punishes herself by setting difficult tasks for herself. Gradually, Bryana Holly should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

Bryana Holly's personality and behavior are liable to be disrupted by a contradiction between the masculine and feminine archetypes ruling her psyche. Because her sensitivity is in conflict with her determination, her attitude and performance may be moody, fluctuating, and uncertain. Usually, she has the feeling she has to make superhuman efforts to succeed in assuaging her yearnings and fulfilling her ambitions. Her unconscious, sensitive side often disapproves of her conscious endeavors and stealthily works to defeat them, causing crucial omissions, mistakes, and gaps which effectively sabotage her plans. In her relationships, the images she builds up and projects on the other are contradictory. As a result, any bond, even if it is pleasant and positive, also grates on her nerves. She finds it dissatisfying and irritating at the same time.

You are an individual who believes in the importance of freedom and independence. You have abandoned the conventional values of your social class and adopted an innovative lifestyle. Your passionate convictions sometimes cause difficulty in your relationships, as you may be an uncompromising partner. You need to learn to recognize your own limitations and to accept the responsibilities you have to other people. If you do not do this, you are likely to be embroiled in conflictual relationships. The roots of your behavior may be traced back to your relationship with your father or teachers when you were younger. One reason or another, you may have rejected the paternal image or refused to identify with your father, in the same way that you are now refusing to adopt conventional values. In every important life decision, you rely on yourself to develop the appropriate behavior, and you must impose limits on your desires in relation to reality and the law.

You are a very sensitive person who is very receptive to your surroundings. You often live in osmosis with your surroundings and find it difficult to communicate your feelings to other people or engage in any structured, analytical thought. This may be because you did not understand your teachers when you were a child, and they were unable to discipline you effectively. As a result, you withdrew into yourself and created your own inner world, which they could not invade. This may have led to you preferring fantasy over reality, but your refusal to abandon your dreams is a psychological trap that you have fallen into without realizing it. Once you free yourself from this process, you have a lot of potential for fulfilling yourself in the outer world. You can either devote yourself to some kind of social work or cultivate your artistic talents.

Bryana Holly generally tends to be motivated by activities which apply to social needs. She tends to give the best of herself in difficult situations which require crucial choices. Her ability to concentrate and her gift for solving problems by deductive reasoning are her chief resources in crisis situations or at turning points in her life.

Lively and expressive, Bryana Holly has a personality which is sometimes agitated but straightforward. Unconscious feelings of insecurity compel Bryana Holly to act and sometimes to seek the admiration of others. As a result, Bryana Holly is unable to bear idleness and routine, and she is in search of perpetual excitement. Her reactions to others are highly individual and depend on the mood she is in at any given moment. A person of decision, a businessperson or an athlete, Bryana Holly often personifies boldness and impetuosity. Her love life is liable to be fiery, as it obeys the imperatives of her desire for freedom and independence, and her need for change.

Bryana Holly's intellect is lively, agile, and sensitive. However, she does not always avail herself of it and may be confused or irrational in some situations. Although she enjoys playing with words, ideas, and concepts, her thought sometimes lacks discipline and structure. She is fairly preoccupied with details and may tend to waste her nervous and mental energy in futile verbal outpourings. Moreover, her feelings sometimes blur her objective vision of phenomena and people, which may cause her to make errors in judgment.

Bryana Holly hides her sensitivity behind a cool exterior. She is conservative, respectful of tradition and convention, and likes to follow the rules. Because she needs stability to alleviate her feelings of frustration and sometimes emotional dependency, she has great faith in contracts which seal relationships. Her ties to her past are fairly strong. They are a source of reassurance and safety, because her parents likely gave a lot to her.

Bryana Holly enjoys captivating people with the elegance and ease of her expression. She is a witty and engaging flirt, an avid player of the game of love. As a result, the history of her affections is liable to be episodic, a long series of chapters about conquests or fleeting love affairs. She may carry on some love relationships by writing letters.

Bryana Holly's birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. She enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with her gaze riveted on the future, she is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

As a result of this conflict between the conscious, active, masculine principle of Bryana Holly's psyche and the unconscious, passive, feminine principle, she is continually subject to nervous tension, which wears her out and exhausts her. Her mind and body are always feverishly active. She always tends to do too much, to become obsessed with insignificant details, or to panic when faced with the unexpected. She is likely to marry a partner who's younger than she, either chronologically or in terms of their sense of duty. But perhaps her second marriage will be more reasonable and satisfying.

Bryana Holly often indecisively discusses rather than makes decisions. This tendency to put things off may cause her to miss out on the best opportunities and end up with a rather uninspiring partner who will bring her down to their own social level.

Bryana Holly has a fiery and importunate nature when it comes to love affairs. This is one of the main purposes in life for Bryana Holly- to find someone to love and be loved by. Unfortunately, because of Bryana Holly's impulsiveness and impatience, her approach to love affairs may sometimes lack tact and delicacy. This can make it difficult for Bryana Holly to maintain stable and harmonious relationships. Bryana Holly's emotional behavior is also subject to a conflict between her quest for love and her need to satisfy her lust. This inner contradiction is a sign of Bryana Holly's tendency to derive pleasure from suffering- either her own or that of her partner. The relationship thus becomes the setting for a sort of power struggle, weakening it as a source of psychological equilibrium. However, Bryana Holly could sublimate this difficulty through artistic expression.

Bryana Holly may be characterized by strong sensual and affectionate urges which drive her to seek pleasure. Her need for romantic fulfillment may compel her to marry, because she also seeks the legal and social legitimacy the institution of marriage confers on an emotional bond. Indeed, the household is liable to be prosperous and even opulent, as if this offered further evidence that she had indeed achieved success. However, privately, she might be less committed to certain obligations and duties.

Bryana Holly's intellect, which is simultaneously subjective and sensitive, acute and intuitive, always practical and deeply rooted in human experience, predisposes her to a people-oriented activity. With her memory and imagination combined with her shrewdness, she would be a gifted project manager, businesswoman, or scholar of history or literature.

Bryana Holly does not express her thoughts and ideas smoothly or easily. She tends to be subjective, seeking to know herself better through a process of introversion.

Bryana Holly's intellectual faculties and wit are sometimes slowed down because she is turned inward. Because she tends to be oriented toward herself, she rarely tries to communicate with others for the simple pleasure of doing so. Indeed, she sometimes feels misunderstood. Moreover, it seems difficult for her to express the complexity of her inner perceptions.

She has a definite taste for expression and communication. She cannot survive without giving voice to her thoughts and speaking to other people. She delights in her own power to persuade, captivate, and sway an audience with her words. Especially attracted to anything new and original, she immediately grasps the utility and value of the latest technology or philosophy, no matter how complicated it may be and has a knack for explaining it to the uninitiated and popularizing it. Because she is fairly high strung, she may have trouble concentrating on a single subject for very long, unless it is a source of intellectual fascination or discovery. She may have to make some effort to overcome this inconsistency. Her open-mindedness gives her creativity, which is a valuable commodity in many occupations: teaching, communications, advertising, etc. Regardless of the career she chooses, her personal development will involve intellectual activity and progress.

Bryana Holly has a great deal of intuition but sometimes has problems organizing her thought processes and making an intellectual commitment. The concepts of boundary and structure are inimical to her mind, which is open and all-encompassing, premonitory, and web-like. Her thoughts may be verbally indeterminate, vague, and ill defined. She tends to understand or sense things globally, without always noticing their component parts. Usually, she can't see the trees for the forest. In daily life, although her perceptions are lively and subtle, she may display a kind of absent-mindedness out of a fear of annoying people with her shrewdness or of fighting to assert herself. Her imagination sometimes escapes from the confines of logic, cringing from a confrontation with reality. This unwillingness to face the real world may cause relationship or career challenges.

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