What does Bruce McCulloch’s astrological guidance say about their future?

Bruce McCulloch became aware of his weaknesses and decided to work on them. He began by becoming more aware of his insatiable appetites and stubbornness. He also tried to be more willing to change and to be more patient.

Bruce McCulloch can be hypersensitive and easily offended, although he frequently changes his opinion and doesn't hold a grudge. He abhor conflict and is a good listener. His key to self-improvement will be learning to control his impressionability.

Bruce McCulloch is endowed with sensitivity and great aspirations, but he sometimes lacks the courage to face the challenges of life out there in the real world. He prefers to escape into his fantasy world, where he believes he finds greater reward. He often does not see the flaws in other people, and when he does, he feels guilty and vulnerable. He would do well to try to be more selective about the people he spends time with. When he is in a dream world, he attracts dishonest people who are likely to take advantage of him.

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