What is Brooke Bridges’s Personality Type?

Brooke Bridges is a talented syncretist. She is able to see the link between heterogeneous and diverse elements which do not appear to be related in the least. She can bring about surprising reconciliation, create unexpected bonds, combine beliefs which seem mutually incompatible. Her imaginative powers also flow from the division in her psyche and are evidenced by inspirations, visions, and abilities which exceed the context of logic and reasoning. She allows herself to be guided by irrational phenomena like foreshadowing or premonitions, which well up from the depths of her being. She is more of a medium than an intuitive, because intuition requires a clear consciousness of reality. She is borne along by currents and tides of knowledge and lives in symbiosis with forces which overwhelm her.

Brooke Bridges tends to place her emotions in the forefront. She is sensitive and sometimes vulnerable to influences from the outer world.

Brooke Bridges needs others to fulfill herself and accomplish her ambitions.

Brooke Bridges was born under the sign of Gemini, in the sun’s Pisces sign. The various clues mentioned above provide her personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension: need for contact, hypersensitivity, mental agitation, pliancy, frivolity, humility and reserve, dilettantism, idealism, communication, intuition, inner duality, premonition. The amount of inner opposition she is dealing with, involving emotional inclinations and intellectual ones, may make her behavior somewhat erratic and confusing. By working to overcome her hypersensitivity to outer influences, she will bolster her assertiveness and identity. As she reaches maturity, she is certain to find an opportunity to derive some reward from her mental and social qualities. The faculties of adaptation and assimilation she possesses will become increasingly rare among her peers – a great benefit to her.

Brooke Bridges was born on the third day before the full moon rose, in a gibbous moon solar configuration. This makes her a “soli-lunar” personality, meaning that she has a rich, complex personality and is sometimes troubled by the feeling that she is struggling to do something great. Indeed, a feeling that she is lacking something may preoccupy her until she finds a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of her devotion. Devotion will be important to Brooke as a foundation for her inner and outer development. If she fails to encounter a great and noble cause to which she is willing to pledge herself, she could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract her. Whatever she decides, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that she will approach her own self-transformation.

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