What does Brett Leonard’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If Brett Leonard wants to improve and transform himself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding him back and preventing his evolution. His insatiable appetites, his stubbornness, his grimness, and his reluctance to change are all potential inhibitors to his progress.

Although it sometimes seems easier to me to climb the rungs of the career ladder out there in the real world, if I merely sacrifice my domestic life, I am only trying to fool myself. I should accept the fact that my domestic life is the true basis and foundation of my development. All my career endeavors and success will be even more rewarding if they are supported by a safe, warm personal life.

Brett Leonard has deeply anchored emotional needs. Invariably, he tries to revive these sensations from his personal history, clinging to the security provided by the repetition of a feeling which produced a positive effect in the past. His desire for possession (tangible or emotional) could become a problem, because he may fixate on an object which is negative or bad for him. He will do well to make a conscious effort to overcome this unconscious negative conditioning which may be related to his childhood.

Although Brett Leonard does not expend a great deal of physical or mental energy, he has a remarkable ability to attract, accumulate, and manage wealth and earthly goods. He is quite capable of working with endurance and persistence, but his special qualities of organization, inspiration, and inspiration are what enable him to make his work as profitable as possible. True, the drawbacks of his personality may make him plod through life in a somewhat conservative and conventional way; however, his attachment to material and physical comfort can often be transcended and evolve in a more spiritual direction.

At the age of 30, you may experience a need to change your life direction. This change may occur as a result of reaching a developmental stage in your life, where you undergo a period of growth and change. This process involves a constant inner awareness and examination of your feelings of insecurity. In order to prepare yourself for the influx of new energy and free yourself from negative attitudes, you must confront the challenges associated to your lack of inner structure or your need for an identity. This psychological work could lead to a total reorganization of your life under the best possible conditions.

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