What is Bob Nelson’s Personality Type?

Bob Nelson is a talented syncretist. He is able to see the link between heterogeneous and diverse elements which do not appear to be related in the least. He can bring about surprising reconciliation, create unexpected bonds, combine beliefs which seem mutually incompatible. His imaginative powers also flow from the division in his psyche and are evidenced by inspirations, visions, and abilities which exceed the context of logic and reasoning. He allows himself to be guided by irrational phenomena like foreshadowing or premonitions, which well up from the depths of his being. He is more of a medium than an intuitive, because intuition requires a clear consciousness of reality. He is borne along by currents and tides of knowledge and lives in symbiosis with forces which overwhelm him. In fact, it is because of this relative passivity that he is more or less a medium, because he wishes merely to perceive what surrounds him; he has no wish to impose his will. Although this attitude endows him with great potential for productivity, it may also become dangerous, if he finds himself overpowered by forces he can never totally control. He tends to perceive things as undifferentiated; he does not always see the world as an organized, structured, hierarchical entity. Instead, he is sensitive to energy flows, to invisible forces which he perceives and tries to interpret. His consciousness knows no bounds, and he does not feel confined by either space or time. But the image of the infinite imprinted on his imagination has a tendency to manifest itself with a lack of definition, in most of his thoughts and acts. In relation to other people, he usually demonstrates warmth and humanism. He is a fairly pleasant companion, although his sensitivity can be annoying at times. He tends to identify with his friends to a great degree, instead of remaining apart and empathetic. In fact, he is capable of losing himself in another person at times. He should take time to reflect upon the quality of what he bestows on others and on whom he bestows it. He would doubtless come to the conclusion that his devotion is motivated by guilt feelings; his giving is a way of escaping from himself, and his broad tolerance sometimes merely hides a weak character. His basic aptitude for compassion could inspire him to relieve human misery, either privately or professionally. Hospital or prison work would not frighten him, because he understands them as closed environments which are open in terms of the inner adventures and journeys they house. Inner adventures are one thing he understands. In his ideal, he feels capable of easing the

Bob Nelson is a pleasure lover and will find self-fulfillment in creative activities.

Bob Nelson is attentive to work and profit. He will probably be financially comfortable throughout his life.

Bob Nelson’s rising sign was located in Cancer (the Crab), while the sun was passing through the sign of Pisces (the Fish). Both are ruled by the same element, Water, which indicates that his personality will show a certain cohesiveness. A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide his personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension: Sensitivity – Emotionalism – Imagination – Pliancy – Eccentricity – Humility and reserve – Savings and thrift – Idealism – Obstinacy – Intuition – Premonition. Because he is intuitive, impressionable, and inclined to be romantic, he will luxuriate in the feeling of things long before he actually possesses them. However, his hypersensitivity exposes him to negative emotions as well as positive ones. He is capable of energy and effort in his professional life, but in other areas he might lack determination. Be sure that his taste for mystery, intuition, philosophy, and imagination do not obscure the demands of the real world. In short, he might want to be careful to moderate his romantic tendencies.

Born on the third day before the full moon, you are a Gibbous Moon Lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives you a rich and complex personality, although you may sometimes struggle with the feeling that you are lacking something. Indeed, a feeling that you are lacking something may preoccupy you until you find a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of your devotion. Devotion will be important to you as a foundation for your inner and outer development. If you fail to encounter a great and noble cause to which you are willing to pledge yourself, you could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract you. Whatever you decide, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that you will approach your own self-transformation.

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