What does Bob Lilly’s psychology tell us about them?

Bob Lilly was patient. He was fond of routine, ritual, and any other events or ceremonies which marked the passage of time and the seasons. He tried to be as pragmatic as possible and unconsciously sensed that his relationship with material things would be the best foundation for his self-development and individuation. As a result, he was attached to his possessions and would make every effort to cling to them.

Bob Lilly

Bob Lilly is vigorous and energetic, with a need to assert his individuality and power. His attitudes and actions are motivated by an unconscious desire for power, which incites him to rush into action despite the frequent threat of risk and danger. Because he has very little control over his energy and impulses, he sometimes injures himself bodily or starts arguments without really meaning to do so. He has a short temper and would do well to learn to control his recklessness, which exposes him to a great deal of unnecessary conflict and adversity. He is also likely to start projects which are not really appropriate to him, only to be forced to quit soon after. Before he makes any important decision, he must learn to stop and ask himself if what he is about to do is really positive for him.

Bob Lilly has a great potential for creative, constructive accomplishments; however, it is sometimes difficult for him to gain access to this part of himself. He is confident in himself and life but may tend to be nonchalant. He sometimes needs a little stimulation to get himself rolling and take some initiative. His optimism and inner certainty do not always drive him to give his utmost efforts to achieve a goal. The communications skills he possesses are an advantage as well as a handicap. He makes use of his theatrical gifts, convincing eloquence, and ability to listen. The best careers for him would be teaching, communications, philosophy, the legal profession, theater, and public relations.

Bob Lilly was raised in an austere environment and received a lot of psychological models from his father. He was determined and hardworking, but lacked self-confidence. He often felt like a fraud and was too critical of himself. He felt guilty for not taking the prominent career positions that he was qualified for, and he realized that success is often fleeting. He was patient and persistent, and time rewarded him for it.

Bob Lilly’s complex and sometimes rather extremist personality is rooted in an instinctual drive which dwarfs mere rationalism. He finds the dark side of existence alluring and is attracted to mystery and the occult. Delightedly, he immerse himself in the depths of human experience, stretching his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources to their maximum.

Bob Lilly has a physical and mental freedom that is vital to him. His youth and home may have been of the rootless, wandering type, which could have given him a taste for movement and independence. He needs to be aware that his life has a purpose and hunt for it in various belief systems, both traditional and new age. In fact, he has an unmistakable gift for philosophy. The faraway appeals to him, and travel is likely to be an important aspect of his life.

Bob Lilly is a cheerful, expansive, pleasant associate to have. He is extremely generous (sometimes to a fault!) and gives of himself and his belongings unstintingly. This positive psychological outlook is the result of a happy childhood and especially an extremely beneficial maternal influence in infancy. He is quite likely to be a professional success; his vision of the world is perfectly adapted to prevailing opinion, and his urges and desires for personal expansion usually elicit a positive reaction from society. By old age, his good reputation and prominence may have earned him fame.

Bob Lilly has a romantic nature and is seeking a soulmate. The world of his emotions is warm and inviting, the expression of true kindness. Tenderness, grace, and mildness rule his sensitivity, which is aroused by contact with nature and thrills to the idea of a secure, stable home.

Bob Lilly’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. He enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with his gaze riveted on the future, he is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

Bob Lilly would be unable to settle for a mediocre emotional life with just anyone. Only someone of exception, who is brilliant, successful, strong, generous, tender, and loyal, can hope to arouse his admiring affections. This person won’t be easy to find… Then, if by chance they manage to disappoint him and fail to live up to the grandiose dreams he projected on them, their lives will be full of woe. He will not grant the benefit of any doubt.

Bob Lilly has had more than his fair share of heartache in his relationships. Gentle and tender, he is particularly attracted to cold and austere people who neglect him and don’t understand his sensitive nature. To protect himself from this emotional blindness, he should delay settling down until later in life and, above all, refuse to give in to family pressure. Maturity should help him to break the unhealthy pattern of failure, misunderstanding, and masochism that characterized his early romantic relationships.

Bob Lilly has an ardent and amorous character. His relationships with the other sex are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, he is often more in love with the idea of love than with his partners. As a result, his love life may be subject to some instability. He is generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate him. Love is often a matter of luck with him. Even when a relationship falls apart, he does not see the experience as a failure or a tragedy; instead, he seems to learn valuable lessons from his mistakes. Psychologically, his emotion contributes positively and efficiently to his evolution. From another standpoint, his acute sensitivity predisposes him to original and subtle tastes; he is so receptive to beauty and attached to the concepts of truth and balance that they may all combine to yield remarkable creative potential.

Bob Lilly has a great emotional ideal, full of subtlety and tenderness. However, he tends to be overwhelmed by his imagination and may not be selective enough when choosing a partner. His romantic and trusting nature may make him vulnerable. Although he strives to establish peaceful, uncomplicated relations, he sometimes experiences painful disappointments. His artistic delicacy and refinement provide him with a sincere love of the arts, music, and literature. He is likely to be a gifted poet.

Bob Lilly was powerfully ruled by his determination and vital needs. His intellectual abilities came to the forefront when his purpose was to communicate his ideal and plot his action or strategy. He could be both logical and astute, and have gifts for theorizing but may sometimes lack perspective.

Bob Lilly does not express his thoughts and ideas smoothly or easily. He tends to be subjective, seeking to know himself better through a process of introversion.

Bob Lilly felt misunderstood. His intellectual faculties and wit were sometimes slowed down because he was turned inward. Because he tended to be oriented toward himself, he rarely tried to communicate with others for the simple pleasure of doing so. Indeed, he sometimes felt that he could not express the complexity of his inner perceptions. Moreover, it seemed difficult to him to do so.

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